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[Quiz] Is Chastity Right For You?

Orgasm control and enforced chastity is a huge benefit for many couples. Please take this quiz to see if it might be right for you and your relationship.

It seems like this quiz has been pretty popular. What other quizzes would you like to see? Please leave a note in the comments below!

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I recommend an chastity belt for all men who are masturbating a lot and for those who are addicted to porn.


Took this quiz and it was a big fat YES.


Thank you


Not necessarily a quiz, but polls for various subjects are always fun. Things like time between release, commonality of pegging, or teasing methods.

Perhaps quiz on how do you/ know he deserves release. (Hint for him(me) your answer is always wrong.)


Has the quiz been removed? It says disabled…


Lol I am a yes, I guess no surprise there


Bit of a surprise here, answered all the questions and came up with the answer that I would be a good candidate for chastity. Can’t understand it😂