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What Is Locktober?

Locktober is the annual challenge that man couples do each year to see how much sex controls their relationship. Sex is a wonderful part of a relationship and I am an enormous advocate. Sex shouldn’t be the basis of interactions with your significant other. Locktober is a challenge to put his sex drive aside come together as one. During locktober, he will abstain from both sex and masturbation for the entire month of October. Typically this is extremely difficult so most couples decide to use a device to help.

If you are participating in Locktober, just leave a comment below and let us know. Follow up with how many days you were able to make it. Hopefully everyone is shooting for thirty one days!

What is the point?

Sex is great! Most of us absolutely love sex but it isn’t we are about. As couples we connect on a deep level and we aren’t always trying to convince our partner to hop into bed. Do you remember how things used to be? Back at the beginning of your relationship, he was courting you. He treated you differently and as time went on, he started treating you like one of the guys. You aren’t one of the guys (even if you are a gay couple), you are his partner. After he accepts the changes and stops fighting it, you will see courtship make an appearance back in your relationship.

That’s where male chastity comes in the the equation. Male chastity is the control of his orgasms for the benefit of your relationship.

Male Hormones

As you make your way through the month together, you will find that his hormonal balance changes significantly. How significantly? He will quite literally become a different guy as his body accepts his hormonal changes. As the month progresses, his male machismo will lessen and he will become a bit more submissive. Being submissive isn’t a bad thing and most guys would be well served to explore their submissive side a bit more.


Teasing is important, this isn’t about ignoring his penis and his needs for a month! This is about embracing physical needs but limiting the sexual release that he is accustomed to receiving at the end of each interaction.

Call me a sadist but teasing and playing with his frustration is wonderfully fun. Emotions are so interesting and frustration is no different. The more you play and tease, the more amplified the effects will be.

What Kind of Man

What kind of man would do this? Any guy who would let his significant other lock his penis up is nuts!

I would argue that a guy who wouldn’t make a small sacrifice for his relationship is less of a man than a guy who would. The intimacy and the opportunity that you have to grow together is priceless! Of course it will be a challenge for him and you will be there to comfort and guide him through the month with your support.

Where Do I Start?

This isn’t about some sort of weird fetish, it can be done just by asking him to keep his hands off his equipment for a month. Much harder said than done, most men will require some help to ensure that they don’t cut the month short. Luckily the “equipment” is easily and discreetly acquired online and delivered to your door. Just an inexpensive plastic resin cage is a great way to get started. The plastic ones are a great place to start and they come with a cute little key designed to keep him honest. As you can probably imagine, at first it will be uncomfortable for him and most guys will try to manipulate their way out of it.

After the first three days, everything will gradually improve until he subconsciously accepts it. After the fifth or sixth day, you will notice significant personality changes due to the hormonal changes mentioned above. You’ve got to remember, most guys have masturbated every day since he noticed the little thing dangling between his legs when he was a teenager.

You Made It!

On November 1st, you will both be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor when he is allowed to release his pent up excitement. You may decide to go a bit longer and that is up to you. The nice thing about having the device is that the keys are truly in your hands. If you do decide that the time is right, he is in for a much awaited day. Do you remember feelings of anticipation for a big trip, your wedding or any other big day? He will be feeling tremendous excitement that and counting the days down. The excitement that you will share together through the month will be palpable.

Planning to participate? Leave a comment below and make sure you update us to let us know how far you got.

22 thoughts on “What Is Locktober?

  1. Something is not clear during Locktober, I was never 100% sure if you are ONLY allowed unlocked time for hygiene break. For example, if erections and teasing by KH outside of the cage is permitted during the month?

    I did the challenge last year, and I tried convinced my wife to give me a free pass this year. I have a big event at work in October, and I donโ€™t want to be distracted by chastity and denial. Wife does not want to give me a free pass, so now I am asking to start the month in the middle of October instead which is after my event. It would feel awkward to be doing Locktober on a different timezone. I welcome any advice for us, please ?

    1. Locktober is whatever you make of it! For Kev and I, chastity is about orgasm control and nothing more. We unlock a few times a week for teasing, cleaning and we have sex at least every couple days. Orgasm is the only thing forbidden during that time. Whatever brings the two of you closer together is locktober for you!

  2. I’m not sure anyone could give advice to you @mxfire. What you need to do in your personal life is up to you. There are not official rules or an organization that governs Locktober. You don’t lose points or miss out on an award. It’s an idea. It’s a catchy name. It’s a longer period of time that gives people goals.

    Unless there’s a potential problem like airport security or one that would reveal yourself against your wishes, then you might not have any reason not to participate. All of this is really voluntary anyway. My keyholder is becoming more strict by the week. But she still understands there are times in life that having a metal cage attached to me would cause undesired problems. Living life is far more important, don’t you think?

  3. We are definitely planning to do Locktober the entire month. Locked, no release. Time out only if she wishes to enjoy PIV sex. Generally, she keeps me locked and limits my releases to one/month plus extras if she feels generous. But certain days are planned for release like anniversary, birthday, valentines, etc. it so happens my birthday falls in October so not quite sure what she will do. She may bend the locktober rules, not sure,

        1. Hello MarBe.

          Kevin is a bit irritable right now, his behavior has almost gotten him a longer lockup so he may not be getting out on Halloween after all.

          We don’t normally go this long but that’s no excuse. He is so close, and I am trying to cut him a bit of slack because extending by even a couple more days won’t be fun for him.

          1. Hello Emma,
            thanks for Your reply. So he will be locked longer ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great !
            You are right – this is really no excuse ! Of course it won’t be fun for him – October is such a long month … I will be happy when it is over ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully – it will be fun for You !
            Have a nice day.
            Best regards,

          2. Emma,
            You said Kevin went from 7 days lockup to full Locktober month, so would that make a great new post? I am curious to see how a long (month) lockup period changed his behavior compared to a short one (week)? Was there any down/discouraging period and did you managed to fix it with: teasing, edging and pegging? Or did you grant him free time using honor system ?

    1. I’ve never heard of that. If you are experiencing pain of any kind, try a different cage or stop. This isn’t about creating pain, it is about focusing hormones and the emotions that stem from them. If the pain continues after removing the cage, consult the doc.

  4. Hi, I thought I’d share with you that we’re doing Locktober and, being locked from 29 September, I’m coming up to the halfway mark.
    Last year we did NOvember instead, but due to going away and forgetting my key this turned into a 35-day lockup – which is my current record.
    Hoping to beat that this year – only by a day or two, though my wife is teasing about going straight into NOvember without a break (but I don’t think she would).
    Normally I spend 4 – 5 days per week caged and get out on her demand.

        1. The honor system is when he is still denied an orgasm but we don’t use a cage to enforce his chastity. We’ve gone back and forth, we both prefer the cage but sometimes it is a hassle especially when traveling by air frequently.

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