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The Training Wheels Are Off

We’ve been using the cage as a relationship tool for well over a year now. We should have celebrated an anniversary for it. ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‰ What would you call it, cage day? Check out my previous blog when do the training wheels come off for some background or just keep reading and I’ll try and fill… Continue reading The Training Wheels Are Off

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Successful Relationships are 50/50

In a successful relationship, decisions are shared, money is shared and both parties have an equal say in the relationship and the direction of the couple. So how can this be a thing when you’ve literally got him under lock and key? Why would you want this when you can exert total control over your… Continue reading Successful Relationships are 50/50

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In Defense of Submissive Men

So much of the material that you find on the internet about male submission and female dominance tends to minimize the value of the submissive man. If a man shows his feelings, he is somehow less valuable than a “macho” man. Boys are still taught to suppress their emotions and the boys that show emotions… Continue reading In Defense of Submissive Men

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The Sex Barter System

The concept of bartering involves one party giving something to another party in exchange for something of similar value. As one of the world’s oldest professions, prostitution is the ultimate in sex bartering. In the context of relationships this equates to the bargaining for sex. We’ve all heard it before: I did the dishes and… Continue reading The Sex Barter System