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Vasectomy and chastity?  




Who can help me understand if chastity after a vasectomy makes sense?

In one of the older post here I read an article about male sex hormones.

I have had a vasectomy several years ago , so my wife could stop the birthcontroll stuff.

Because they cut off the channel between the testicles and their way out, so I suppose that the hormones stay inside and they will be absorbed back in the body.

The question is: Is it pointless to use chastity after a vasectomy?

Hi Sah80,

Although sperm don’t leave the testicles after vasectomy the testicles continue to produce male hormones which continue to pass into the blood stream where they circulate and effect other tissues.

I have read that after vasectomy ejaculate volume is only reduced by 1-2% . the procedure does not reduce testosterone production or serum testosterone levels.

The answer to the question of whether chastity is pointless is determined by one’s vasectomy status.



I had a vasectomy many, many years ago. I did not affect my sex life, desire for an orgasm or the wonderful benefits My Love and I have found in her controlling my orgasms.

Good luck, have fun, don't worry.

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Thanks for answering!

So, am I correct that hormones does not leave the body after ejaculation? In fact that I am already absorbing hormones even after I have had an orgasm?  If so: isn't it weird that we (my wife and I) never noticed a change in me after the vasectomy?

Thanks for reading! And Thank you Emma for this great little corner of the internet!


So is there the same orgasm “hangover” after an orgasm with a vasectomy?


I certainly continue to have them, which is why My Love controls when I get an orgasm.


I never had the hangover feeling. I can not say things have changed after the vasectomy ( 3 years ago)

When I stopt masturbating (well almost....) a while ago I became more attentive to her. During her period I had to wait 7 or 8 days.
In the beginning I was going nuts and after 4 days I could not sleep with a constant hard on. When her period was over and we had sex it was a little bit less enjoyable. a couple of weeks ago I waited for more than 2 weeks (period, illness, life in general) without getting nuts or sleeping problems so I guess I trained myself...
Before , I masturbated twice a day. Now it is about 3 or 4 times in the last 6 months. And when i do it now, I feel bad, guilt, and i notice I am not as nice as always for one or two day's. So in the end i do have the hangover effect, but not in the way I read about...


As I understand it, the main factor behind the orgasm hangover feeling is the crash in dopamine that follows the rush of dopamine you get with an orgasm. The drop in dopamine doesn’t come from it leaving your body through ejaculation. Following the massive rush, your body just shuts down production of dopamine and/or reduces its sensitivity to dopamine, leaving you with lower dopamine levels and/or sensitivity than normal. Dopamine plays a major role in mood and motivation (including sexual motivation). Hence the orgasm hangover. The time it takes for levels to normalize can vary between different people.

Humans are pretty complex, so I can’t say for sure that a vasectomy won’t effect dopamine levels. However, if you still experience orgasms, it’s because you still get the dopamine rush, and I can’t think of any reason you wouldn’t get the crash afterwards.

It’s also worth noting that hormone levels can behave very differently from person to person depending on any number of factors from lifestyle to genetics. For example, people with ADHD typically have issues with dopamine levels, so the orgasm hangover could hit them much harder than other people.


I’ve never felt any different after having a vasectomy. Except more comfortable about pregnancy risk. But same desires, urges, feelings. 


I had a vasectomy which led to chastity.

With a closet full of sex toys we had acquired both female and male chastity devices, collecting dust as is common with low quality toys (purchased randomly to light any possible fire).
Leading up to a vasectomy confirmation test you're instructed to abstain from ejaculation.  Our sex life as it had been was actually only once per 1-2 months unfortunately.  Masturbation was daily or more.  Discovering the challenge to abstain I thought maybe the cage would help me.
That was the snowball and it only intrigued me from there.  

Looking back, there was an associated sense of weakness in sterility, congruent with chastity.  Emotionally I was humbled by infertility and that led me to have thoughts of uselessness of my penis itself.  Chastity and low self esteem due in part to my wife's low interest went hand in hand.