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Women seem to do better than most think at running things, as we all know. 

But how many here think that women should officially occupy an authoritative position in society? Or, the government of the future perhaps? 

Are there any places/links where this topic could be discussed? 

Posted : 24/10/2019 6:44 pm
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I have worked for a number of people in my career. And I have always found it easier to work for women. I am not saying they are easy going --but in my case my woman bosses' conversations have always been more open and honest. My current (woman) boss is very ambitious, efficient, and very clear about what she wants. And she has a genuine understanding of the team physique --I can see how she is helping co-workers cope up with family issues during CoVID --I doubt any of my previous male bosses would have naturally thought of those issues --half of them didn't even know my wife's name. I'm sure they are helping their teams right now but I am reasonably sure they were told to do so. I think empathy is more common in women than in men.

But I won't generalize that as far as going to officially only put women in charge or setup any gender criteria. We just don't see Queen Hatshepsut everywhere. From time to time we also get a Mary I. I have deliberately chosen historical examples to not get into a political debate here but I am sure you can find enough examples from both left and right of greatly corrupt politicians and officials in both genders (I grew up in India and have seen enough --and India is definitely not a matriarchy).

I have also seen horrible women bosses (for others) at work and I think generally power corrupts. Men currently have an easier access to power and we see more men in power than we do women. Also, women have unreasonable expectations to "set example" for other women whereas it is clear that even post me too men get away with a lot of shit. Take those two constraints away and I think we may see enough examples of bad women too in the future.

Why not just say we don't care what parts you have under your pants. Just get the job done to same level (adjusted for societal/spousal constraints --think childcare, chores, dressing restrictions etc.) and you will get the same rewards.

Disclosure: I am a guy.


Posted : 03/05/2020 6:25 am
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@akshar This is a well thought out and reasoned argument. Thanks for your input!

Posted : 03/05/2020 1:15 pm