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How i got here and a bit of my experience.  


Before anyone starts reading, this is gonna be a long post, so if you aren't the kind that reads this isnt for you, though, if you wanna help and maybe pick up  a thing or 2 from my experience, by all means start reading. So how i got here, is actually quite simple, after 20 years of marriage, our sex life got a bit stale and my wife and i got a bit into conflicts every now and then so we decided to work on that and started searching for new kinks and things to change in and outside the bed, so after a long search my wife actually found herself here, luckily, and my wife suggested a change in our relationship, like maybe giving her dominance in and outside bed, now i am an old school kinda guy, so that wasnt easy to say the least, believe me. Of course we tried caging but that didnt go well for us, it just wasnt my or my wifes thing. we tried pegging once many months ago and for one night and it also wasnt my thing cause after being pounded i felt amasculinated and no pleasure at all from it. So she then proposed an idea of her controlling when i can cum and when i cant without using a cage, and the idea was worth a try though frankly i didnt expect much from it, so first time she kept me for more than a week, around 9 or 10 days, then we had our sex and my orgasm was actually more powerful and felt better so she started making it more distant so i got more and more horny every time and better orgasms with it. The hornier i got, i became more willing to try more kinks. It was until the admin, emma, thanks very much for all your efforts by the way, posted



that we decided to give pegging a shot again, Lindas (my wife) idea by the way, it was a strange thing to do, it didnt feel good and in a way it was like a guilty pleasure cause i felt that we shouldnt be doing it, like i said i am old school, so i never admitted to her that i even slightly enjoyed it but i guess in a way she knew i liked it. We didnt do pegging a lot, like maybe once every month at most. we tried caging again, we both hated it more than the first time. In a way , when she started pegging me that in a way, more power was being gained for her , which i was quite conflicted about until emma posted


which linda and i both read and i think she got some ideas from herself . In the first time we tried pegging after that, she pounded me smoothly at first then slightly rougher, until she made sure i started enjoying it, though i would never admit that, and played with my man parts while she fucked me from behind and she felt my precum then she told me "so you are enjoying it" she forced my head down on the bed, which btw was the first time she ever went rough on me like that. She totally got on top of me and said "brace yourself" and then she roughed me up, which the first time ever i didnt shame away or hesitate to show i was enjoying it and like emma said, in no time i was alone moving my hips to help her fuck me. I think it was at that moment that i GLADLY surrendered it all to her. I think what i enjoyed most in it is when i looked at her with the tip of my eye as she was holding my face down and saw that dominant controlling smile on her face while she looked down on me and fucked me. So she suggested recently that she wanted to add bondage to pegging, now we arent new to bondage, though all the times we did, it was her that was being tied up and if i was being tied up, which is rare by the way, it is never pegging and only for few minutes. She says that that would be very good for our relationship, and since i have completely surrendered to her that would teach me trust in her , to be tied up and helpless as she pounds me and only trusting in her while being so vulnerable. I am totally on board with that and totally want it, actually would love it . What do you guys and gals think?

Posted : 25/09/2019 11:19 am
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Great story and glad to see all od Emma's hard work is paying off helping couples like you and your reconnect in a deeper way! PS your post didn't seem long to me and tbh i would love to see you write more! Thanks

Posted : 28/09/2019 4:39 am

Thank you so much spinpole2001. Honestly though i had hoped someone gave me their opinion on this whole bondage thing while pegging, though its fine i did it and I am damn happy i did. Since their is a stories section now i will be typing what happened there. It can be a bit long and might skip some details cause its been a while now and honestly i was busy being pounded lol to memorize every detail that happened lol. Gosh emma, thank you again for this page, you are a bless.

Posted : 22/10/2019 9:47 am