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Prostate Toys

Jack Ofnomer
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I don't normally enjoy having my butt played with, but after several days in chastity my prostate swells and I can really feel the pressure.    Butt play starts to become a whole lot better, actually pretty damn awesome.   It took many play sessions with my girlfriend before I had my first prostate orgasm, which totally changed my mind about butt stuff, and while it doesn't happen every time, when it does it is the most intense type of orgasm I have ever had.    My girlfriend found a couple toys that we use that helps get me there, and I thought I would share.     

The Tantus Charmer, is relatively small and about as big as I can take.    This is our favorite pegging dildo.  The raised mounds on the shaft hit the right spot continuously.  -->          

The Njoy Wand, is great for solo or partner play.    It is pricey and can be found for cheaper on    -->,103,2#cppd-2-5|nullr0631311062

The Aneros Helix Syn, doesn't look like much, but this little thing fires in and out  like a piston with no hands for when my girlfriend wants my hands on her.   We tried the one with the built in vibrating bullet, but it was just too big for me to get comfortable with.  -->

I am curious to know what others have found works well, so please share.

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Jack Ofnomer
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Hello Emma,

I see you added a Toys to the Devices section, I am not able move this post so please feel free to move it or you can delete it and I can re-add it.

Thanks Jack

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