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It's October 1st

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For some of us, this day has been dreaded and it has finally arrived.  For some of us, it's a day that has been circled on the calendar for months and it's like your a kid and Christmas morning has finally arrived.  Still for others (like me), it's another Thursday because my Wife does not keep me caged as a practicable matter (only uses it for punishment purposes).

Regardless of the physical state of confinement of your penis, we (chaste men) all share something very special in common ... we are in love with women that are smart enough and courageous enough to do what is necessary to make us better in our relationships.  They love us enough to control our sex, our orgasms, our penises, which makes each of us incredibly lucky.

So, I raise a glass to my brothers in arms (cages) and I wish you luck, I wish you joy and I wish you continued deepened love for you wife/girlfriend on this month long adventure.  A bit of advice from an old veteran .....  Do not forget to thank your wife repeatedly for the mental and physical energy she puts in to make you a better man.  Not just in Locktober, but always.

See you on the other side boys. 🖐️ 

Topic starter Posted : 01/10/2020 7:20 am
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My best friend and keyholder had me lock up just before midnight. That was totally expected.
What was not expected was that she would use the timer, which cannot be undone , and just BAM set it for 31 days & 12 hours. I actually expected her to not make me do it all, maybe 2 weeks ..
   Even MORE unexpected was the next couple 'audio txt messages' ..
If I can figure out how, I'll put them in here.  they are very very short , maybe 7 seconds... but the wicked and gleeful laugh .. omg..  
Although shocked and stunned and my brain trying to come to terms with reality... my strongest emotion was happiness... I was genuinely thrilled that she obviously LOVED doing that to me. 
So strange really.

Posted : 01/10/2020 7:03 pm
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Kev is locked up tight and we are enjoying locktober together. It is certainly an interesting time to be starting locktober with our new roommate moving in the same month. Happy locktober to all the lock-ers and lock-ees! Most of all, have fun together.

Posted : 03/10/2020 1:48 pm
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Posted by: @evolvingyourman_ivcr4j

Interesting indeed.  Can't wait to hear all the details.  Have fun!

Topic starter Posted : 03/10/2020 6:46 pm