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New to FLR? Think long term

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To the dominant women and sub (or would be sub) men here new to female led relationships and male chastity, I would ask you to approach this in stages. Too many couples try to accomplish too much - too fast, and end up with a bad experience. i.e. If a man is used to a sexual release every 2 days, then 4-5 days is a reasonable starting point regarding lock up duration in a chastity cage. After 2-4 weeks of this, increasing his lock up time by about 3 days for the next 2-4 weeks is also reasonable, and so forth, until her desired lock up time is reached The same holds true for pegging and cuckolding (though these also require additional communication)

Just remember, many of these situations will be new to both partners, and will require time for both to adjust. Thinking long term regarding female led relationships, and gradually introducing her methods of controlling him will result in a longer, and more fulfilling experience for both. 

Topic starter Posted : 07/06/2021 12:53 pm