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Telling her friends

Dad Bod God
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Part of me would find it arousing if she told one of her friends that I am locked and part of me is absolutely terrified that she might do it. Has it happened to you? How does it feel when it actually happens? 

Topic starter Posted : 23/10/2021 1:17 pm
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My wife havent told anyone to my knowledge, but we both agree that we are openly living FLR.

I told one of my female at work about our flr and she thought it was realy cool and had no problems with it.

I have male friends who knows and also think its cool.

Told her about orgasm control and a on..

What she was most upset with was me tell the other dark part of my history and the the fact she didnt have noticed it before i told her.

So i guess if my wife tell anyone i would not mind even feel pride 🥰

Posted : 24/10/2021 12:08 am
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It probably depends on how shameful you find chastity. If the two of you see it as a shameful little secret, it will be a shameful little secret when shared. It seems logical that you would feel a certain level of humiliation if your secret came out. If you see it as a prideful part of your FLR as J.M does then it would be an extension of something that you take great pride in.

I have shared it with friends, even asking Kevin to show his cage in one of those circumstances. We had discussed the showing of the cage beforehand and it seemed kinky at the time but I could tell from his face that it was overwhelming when the time actually came. Overwhelming in the most arousing and humiliating of ways. We discussed afterwards and he told me that he felt far more naked with his cage than if he had been completely naked because he was baring part of his emotional side too.

Posted : 24/10/2021 6:15 am
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@evolvingyourman_ivcr4j I totally see where Kev was coming from. I think that’s exactly how I would feel as well. Not so much shame, but letting someone else know about that side if yourself and the most intimate detail of your relationship too. It would be scary. Yet, if she felt like sharing that with a close friend, i most certainly would do it, obviously. 
How did that person react to knowing and seeing it? Did it change Kevs relationship with that person? I would think that would create a stronger bond between those two in a way as well….

Posted : 24/10/2021 7:37 am
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There is only one other couple who knows about our chastity but it is not because we are ashamed of it or proud of it.  I am not sure we are either.  We are happy with it because it has enhanced  our love life so greatly.  We don't parade it around because we consider it personal. 

I am very proud of my breasts and when aroused my nipples are very prominent and turn Dave on.  I am proud of them but I don’t show them to my friends or fellow volunteers.  We have a fantastic sex life but I don’t tell other people how good Dave is with his fingers and tongue. 

The one couple that knows are our best friends Jane and John Doe that we “play” once or twice a month with.  About three years ago, Jane really started to want to know the keys (No pun intended) to how wonderful our sex lives were.  She is the only person I share those intimate kind of thoughts and details with.  I told Dave we were going to tell Jane and John about his cage and why.  I tried my nudging and pushing but Dave was very nervous about letting them know something so personal.  At this point our games with them were much less sexy and kinky than they are now.  I finally had to play the FLR card for only the second time in our marriage.  I truly believed it was important for my best friend and his best friend also.   But more important, I also believed in my heart that it would help Dave feel more comfortable in the long run with our best friends if he let them know him so intimately. 

Jane came over on a Saturday morning and I told her about his cage and exactly how we used it and why.  She was very curious and asked if she could see it.  Dave reluctantly exposed it and she had lots of questions for him but they were questions about fit and comfort and not sexual at all.  Dave started to get comfortable with her and answered her questions very well. She then asked him if he thought it was good and told him to be totally honest.  Dave didn’t even look at me for guidance.  He just said it made all his orgasms amazing.  It was the best thing that ever happened to him, sex wise.  

After he got dressed again, Jane asked him if he would show John and tell him everything he told her when they came over that night.  Dave hesitated and then he looked at me and I just nodded  my head.  He said he thought he could do that. 

That night we played our unique version of Truth or Dare and Jane’s options for Dave left him no choice.  John was a little surprised at first but he didn’t make fun or embarrass Dave at all.  The game actually ended at this point because we spent the rest of the evening talking about chastity and how it made his orgasms so much better even if less frequent.  And we talked about how the nights in between his orgasms were more intimate for both of us in some ways.  It went so well that Dave was actually quite excited that he had been so honest with his friend and I think all his fears turned into a sort of relief. 

Mind you, we do not know anyone else we feel close enough to on an emotional level that we would ever even talk about chastity with them.  But we are both glad we did it with Jane and John.  They have been doing chastity now for almost three years and they feel it has improved their sex greatly.

Posted : 24/10/2021 8:51 am
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Posted by: @dad-bod-god

Part of me would find it arousing if she told one of her friends that I am locked and part of me is absolutely terrified that she might do it. Has it happened to you? How does it feel when it actually happens? 

My twin knows I keep him locked, but no one else. He knows that she knows and he was temporarily horrified 😂 He's ok now

Posted : 07/11/2021 3:52 pm
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being told to show my cage is a really hot fantasy, but as far as I know our friends are all vanilla and wouldn't appreciate that level of candour. I have a sissy side, but only so far. I "underdress", so hosiery and lingerie under my clothes, but our friends have seen my painted toes and fingers (bright toes but subdued nude tones for fingernails), and have noticed that I have nylon not cotton socks at my ankles. This originally caused a stir and I don't know what they say in my absence. I suspect they think I'm bisexual (which I am but in the context of 30+ years of faithful marriage and no desire to wander).

Everyone's fine these days, and my wife loves how I am and the FLR we enjoy, but we wouldn't volunteer info though I'd be honest if asked out of serious interest.

Of course, it could be that we're the least kinky of our friends but no-one's saying anything (or dare go first).

Posted : 13/11/2021 2:54 am




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