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Wife has learned to like orgasm denial


I introduced the idea of orgasm control to my wife more than a year ago.  She thought the idea was very odd and never really embraced it until a few months ago.  I bought my wife a powerful hand held vibrator in an attempt to spice things up a bit.  It turns out that she doesn't like using the vibrator on herself - instead she uses it on me.  She loves teasing my cock, balls, and ass with the vibrator and bringing me to the edge and then stopping.  I am required to tell her when I am about to cum and she decides whether to let it happen.  For the past 3 months I have not masturbated.  She has instructed me not to masturbate ever again.  I only get to orgasm with her using the vibrator.   She only uses the vibrator after I have massaged her for over an hour.  The massages and vibrator now happen 4 or 5 nights a week.  She let's me orgasm an average of every 2 weeks.  I am on the honor system and have been a good boy.  Actually I love the feeling of always being hot for her.  I feel horny again shortly after the orgasm because the orgasms are so infrequent.  My panties are almost always wet.  She has become more bossy with me and is becoming more comfortable with me being submissive to her. 

My wife doesn't like intercourse.  Since going through menopause she doesn't really like to get her pussy licked.  To my surprise I have learned she does like getting her asshole licked and that is included with the massages.  I can lick her asshole but not allowed to lick her pussy.  That's the rule.  My only sex now is licking her asshole and the vibrator.  I love this.  I am really enjoying my marriage and the sex.  BTW - I also do all the house cleaning, most of the cooking, clean the dishes, and I have a full time job.  She now controls the finances (big step for me).  My wife is now enjoying our wife led marriage and so am I. 

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Your story is my goal. Thanks for sharing. Please consider joining the site so we can talk further about your journey!

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