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Help me to help him!

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My husband bought a chastity cage a few months back and we play sometimes but he is always telling me what to do. Lock him up for the weekend, lock him and masturbate for him. I know that locking him up and taking control really gets him going. He is in control all of the time with his job (police officer) and allowing me to take control and home really turns him on. He is my world and I want to fulfill everything I can for him. He can only lock up for his days off because he can't be locked for work so short term ideas only please. I like the feelings of being in control but this is definitely his thing and I am still learning.

Topic starter Posted : 03/09/2021 12:53 pm
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There is a level of shame associated with what he is asking you to do and much of what he seeks isn't as valuable if he asks you to do it. Using the cage for his days off is perfectly fine. Long term lockup isn't necessary, you can still do long term sexual denial with the honor system if you wish to try that. I'd also suggest that a cage might not be completely out of the question. Try a few cages during your play and you may find one that fits better than you expected.

I know there are some things posted in my teasing blogs for a couple things you can try. Like you said, his job requires that he always be in control and his fantasy involves you taking control to provide the escape. That escape will finally allow him to relax and let down the part of him that is truly exhausted of staying in control. I think the blog I wrote entitled the boss is highly relevant to your husband. He clearly trusts you and wants you to call the shots, maybe push things to the very edge of his comfort level.



Posted : 04/09/2021 12:09 am
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