New - to FLR and Ev...

New - to FLR and Evolving Your Man  

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What a cool site this is! Great writing, amazing info - and Emma, you and Kevin are blessed with a wonderful relationship. . .

I'm a 50-something dad of three talented, capable young ladies who were raised by my very competent wife. I won't bore you with my Curriculum Vitae, but I am very interested a Female Led Relationship, and being interested in politics, even the possibility of a female-led society as well. Theology is another interest of mine, and yes, I'd love to hear how a FLR works with a religious view as well.

Thanks for letting me sign up - again, the site is great!


Posted : 23/10/2019 8:01 am
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Welcome Birdstrike!

I don't know about the religious view because I am not a religious person, myself. 

I do think that many women would make better leaders however I don't believe that females are superior. I feel that women are wired in a way that allows them to see more of the big picture and focus on longer term goals. 

Tell us more about your wife and the aspects of female led relationship that she has implemented into your relationship. How has she instilled strong female values in the upbringing of your daughters?

We are glad that you are here!

Posted : 29/10/2019 12:15 am