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New Member has some great resources about male chastity, including a guide book called Taming the caged beast (free to read online), and some good erotic fiction about male chastity (these cost money). The site also has lots of material about feminization, which may or may not be interest to other readers of this site.

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I'm not a fan of feminization however I've read quite a bit of really insightful stuff over at brassiered. We just stop short of the bra and panties. To each their own but I feel like sharing control in the relationship including orgasms is one of the most masculine things a guy can do. 

Posted : 07/01/2020 1:50 pm
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Posted by: @evolvingyourman_ivcr4j

I feel like sharing control in the relationship including orgasms is one of the most masculine things a guy can do

Thanks for that gem Emma, always appreciate your take on things! I hope your definition of masculinity catches on.

For me, feminization was the gateway to chastity. I discovered Brassiered while looking for good erotic fiction about feminization. While browsing the site, I read about chastity and it opened my eyes. At first, I was terrified by the idea, but gradually it grew on me. 

There are several kinks that are often associated together: tease and denial, chastity, pegging, cross-dressing, cum eating instructions, cuckolding, and others. (Imagine Amazon's recommended products: Customers who are into being pegged also liked: cross-dressing, eating their own cum, and being cuckolded!) Personally, I find feminization and chastity appealing, but cuckolding is a step too far for me. I appreciate the line that brassiered takes on cuckolding:

Cuckolding can be a powerful fantasy for some men, but it is something that the author cannot personally countenance. Sexual activity should serve to strengthen a loving relationship rather than undermine its foundations. Nevertheless, it would be naïve to pretend that the subject never crops up online - you will find it mentioned occasionally if you start to research male chastity in any depth, just like the other practices discussed in this chapter.

I also appreciate that you take a similar line on this site: you acknowledge cuckolding, but don't promote it. I think that's smart. If you were to promote cuckolding here, I think you would drive away some potential readers. Thank you for keeping it inclusive! 

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