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Breathe and Smile  

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I came across this one today and I really like some of the blogs! Enjoy!

Breathe & Smile

Here is their about-us

We started this site to share our story of long distance love and D/s. Our journey has involved many challenges while bridging the gaps to come together. In the process, we’ve learned a lot about life, ourselves, and one another. Our relationship continues to evolve in ways we never expected. Through hopes and heartaches, triumphs and setbacks, we have persevered.

In the past, the combination of love, transparency, and BDSM has been a wonderful facilitator for growth and progress in our relationship. It remains a cornerstone of our marriage today.Along our journey of self-discovery, we’ve met some remarkable people in “alternative lifestyles”. Those interactions inspired us to build a community and connect lovers of love and kink alike. We aim to show that deep down – we’re not all that different.

As an LGBTQQIAAP+ and kink-friendly safe space for adults, we hope you’ll feel at home here whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious vanilla exploring new flavors.


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I enjoyed reading through this blog. Thanks for pointing it out!

I noticed that the style of relationship they have built is not all that different from what you talk about in your blog. Like yours, she is clearly the dominant figure in their relationship, and although she has him take on things like cooking and bringing her coffee in the morning, neither of them wants to take things to a point where he doesn’t have any autonomy.

What I found interesting is that the core of both what they did with their relationship and what you advocate are roughly the same (establishing the woman as the dominant partner without getting too far away from an equal partnership), and both make use of chastity, but the way it happened was quite different in each case. You suggest introducing orgasm control as a starting point to switch on and develop his submission. In their case, he was submissive from the beginning and chastity was implemented later on as a way to strengthen her dominance and his submission.

I think this supports the idea that the power dynamic comes from him choosing to submit, not from your control of his orgasms. I’m not saying that orgasm control and chastity aren’t important. What I mean is that they are tools that can help awaken, strengthen, and stabilize his submission, but they aren’t the source of your control. He is.

Posted : 25/10/2019 11:56 am
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Loved it!  Another fine example of a couple that has unlocked the unmitigated joy that semen retention brings them.  Bravo!

Their about-us seems to have been updated.  I love this part of the update:


"Kinky lifestyles are not meant for everyone and they shouldn’t be used as band-aids for deeper issues. In our relationship, kink is a big part of what makes our house feel whole. Our journey has been rewarding, to say the least."

Posted : 25/08/2020 11:49 am
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