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Sexual chemistry is undeniable. For my partner and I non-monogamy is about exploring chemistry when it happens and being able to experience those moments to the fullest without guilt. When you meet someone and feel butterflies, it is about having the power to act on those butterflies and see where things go. 

One of the first times after we discussed non monogamy there was a guy that we met at a small gathering of friends. He was much younger than me, toned body but not overly fit. We seemed to be on the same wavelength. We both unintentionally locked eyes more than one time. At that moment, I would have removed myself from the situation if I had not felt the freedom to explore that situation. I am thankful the conversation with my partner happened because it led to a passionate evening that otherwise wouldn't have been a consideration. It is beautiful when love permits the exploration of chemistry without threatening the relationship. 

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