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SPH Playtime!

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Last night I unlocked him and took a small basket of items and sat between his legs and held each item up beside his penis. I asked him about each item and had him repeat back if he was longer or shorter than each item. For example I held the tv remote up and asked him if he was longer or shorter than a tv remote. He replied; I am shorter than a tv remote. I held my phone up to his penis and he replied; I am shorter than your phone. 

Huge smiles on both of our faces and he was rock hard. Making him do the talking about each item was essential. I just nodded in agreement and gave him some very expressive facial expressions when his statements were very obvious. The wooden spoon for example was much longer than him so I asked him how many of him it would take to be as long as a wooden spoon. Full sentences are the only acceptable responses of course; It would take three of me to be as long as your wooden spoon.


Topic starter Posted : 24/09/2021 12:32 pm
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That is really sexy. I need to hear more.

Posted : 24/09/2021 10:00 pm
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Godspeed to people that actually enjoy kinks involving humiliation of any kind, let alone something like that a man is assuredly sensitive about, and something he can't change, even if it is only just joking around.  I am a true believer in "If it works for you", but I'm pretty sure that there are enough men that will nod their head up and down when their woman asks if they like being told their penis is too small to satisfy them, or that they are not sufficient enough of a lover to be the only man she fucks, simply because they feel their choices are limited to agreeing with her, or losing her.  Like Emma constantly professes (and I completely agree), real, effective, deep communication is necessary to avoid there being real damage to a loving relationship when it comes to humiliation ... because the kind of damage that can come misguided and ill-fated humiliation games can leave permanent scars.  In other words, a terrible sounding bell that can't be un-rung.  Just a plea to be careful out there my friends.

Posted : 25/09/2021 7:34 am
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@subhubphx that case probably does exist somewhere, but I have read many, many male posts about how they love SPH and none about how they have been scarred.  My KH is reluctant for the reasons you mention but personally I enjoy SPH.  I know I'm not big and don't want to be lied to, I would much sooner have a little fun and feel a little more submissive.  I guess my counter point is you have to have open, honest communication with your partner, and if so SPH can be fun.

Posted : 26/09/2021 9:03 pm
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@locknkey My husband is quite reserved so I fancy getting him to actually say things rather than just saying things to him in hopes of provoking a reaction. Full sentences only. When we are out, I will sometimes see a guy whom I find attractive and I'll ask questions like. Look at the cute guy in the blue shirt. How many inches longer do you think his cock is than your little guy? It is just play for now but we both enjoy it.

@subhubphx everyone is different I guess. We really enjoy it and my husband explains that the rush of testosterone he gets from the experience is addictive. I reassure him that I love his penis and our marriage isn't built around lust or I would be with some fit guy from the gym. I think true love means transcending physical lust to a new place where lust is part of the equation or is achieved in different ways.



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