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Coming Home  

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Ray came home from work to an empty house. Normally his wife and kids were noisily working on whatever wives and kids do. Not tonight. Tonight he opened the door to silence.

His wife, Sandi's car was parked outside so he expected her to be home. He called her name but she didn't respond. He looked in the kitchen, the living room. Nothing.

He peeked into the bedroom and saw here there, on the bed. Her legs open provocatively. Her eyes met his and she motioned to him with her finger in a "come here" motion. He wasted no time, his wife was a beautiful woman and they had a wonderful sex life. This was just the kind of surprise that made him appreciate her and the extra time that she took to make him feel loved. 

He entered the room. She told him to get on his knees, moved her body to the edge of the bed and pulled his head to her pussy. Ray leaned forward and inhaled the smell of her wet pussy. His tongue wasted no time, delicately exploring her every fold and crease. She pulled his face into her. It felt good. 

Ray unbuckled his pants, pulled his locked penis out. It was quite hard within it's cage and yearning to get out. Sandi removed the key from her neck and his penis sprung out. Ray rubbed it, thankful for the relief, excitedly ready to plunge it deep into her. She wagged her finger back and forth as if to say "not yet" but no words were spoken. In fact, not a single word had been spoken since Ray arrived home. Aside from her moans and the jingle of Ray's belt, it had been completely silent.

Sandi motioned to the chair beside the bed and Ray sit in it. Sandi licked her fingers and started playing with herself, motioning Ray with a stroking motion to do the same. After just a few short minutes, Sandi felt her body quiver and she felt her orgasm well up from within her. She closed her eyes as she came, when she opened them she saw that Ray was getting close. For the first time, she spoke. "Cum on me".

Ray stood, he had been close and her request sent him that much closer to the edge. Almost before he could get over to her, he spurted all over her tummy and pussy. She moaned as it dripped down on to her lady parts. She spoke again and whispered, "lick it". 

Ray looked into her eyes and saw that she was not joking. Sandi rarely joked about sex, she was a sexual woman and was always very clear about her desires. Ray leaned forward with his tongue outstretched and reluctantly licked at the cum that was on her tummy. She let out a frustrated grunt and moved herself forward, covering his nose and chin with a mix of both of their juices. This caught Ray off guard a bit but the damage was done. His face was covered in cum so he went with it. He licked her pussy until he felt her breathing get heavier. As she got closer, she grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pushed his face into her pussy as she arched her back away from him. 

She handed him a towel to wipe the cum from his face, kissed him and thanked him.  She explained that the kids had gone to her mother's and she was feeling horny so she decided to surprise him. Ray thanked her for the surprise and asked if he had to lock himself back up, she laughed and said "Of course, love. Of course."

Posted : 14/09/2019 9:59 pm
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it sounds to me like Ray and Sandi are lucky to have found each other. Great stories@archedback ,please keep up the good work! Your writing skills are awesome and I love reading your stories.

Posted : 21/09/2019 1:06 pm