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This isn't a story so much as a recount of some fun neighbors that my wife and I used to play with. The Wennings we will call them although it isn't their real names.

We all seemed to be compatible and have many of the same interests so we all played together a few times and Michael had a great idea. They suggested that we leave our play up a bit of chance.

We had a piece of paper and numbered it from one to six.

  1. Michael
  2. Me
  3. Anna (my wife)
  4. Leanne (Michael's wife)
  5. Roll Again (exclude another)
  6. Everyone

We would roll the dice and we would exclude whomever it landed on. If it landed on a one, Michael would be excluded. If it rolled on a two, I would be excluded and so on. If we rolled a five then we would exclude a second person. We don't do the guy/guy play so that situation would mean a re roll.

Then we would roll the same dice again.

  1. Watch
  2. Watch
  3. Watch
  4. Stay Home
  5. Stay Home
  6. Stay Home

If it landed on one through three, the excluded party or parties would stay in the same room and watch. If it landed one four through six, the excluded party would stay home.

We got some amazing pairings, my favorites were me and Leanne while Anna and Michael were excluded and played cards in the other room. Another combination was Anna and I while Michael and Leanne watched from across the room but could not touch. Some really interesting situations happened over the 18 months that we were neighbors. Sometimes we would do it days in advance while other times we would do it moments before we were ready to play. I had to take the walk of shame back home on more than one occasion but the stories about what I missed were amazing.

Unfortunately they had to move but each of us have visited a few times. Finding four with amazing chemistry is near impossible but we all seemed to play well together.

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This sounds like fun. Do you have any stories to share?

Posted : 02/01/2020 3:39 pm