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Can all do FLR ?


I found this site and asked for helped and you did help me,i found my faith again thanks to you all.

So my question is can all do rfl, sometimes then reading comments i feel like an outsider.

The thing is im a switch and some times it feels im my own worst enemy 🙄

Anyone feelt the same or is it just my insecurity talking.

Topic starter Posted : 01/06/2021 3:28 pm
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Hi Grom. Reading through your previous post I want to say that it sounds like you started fairly strong. While a strong start is a good thing, it can mean that you set yourself up for some very high expectations. I didn't weigh in on that one (sorry) but I can weigh in now. I think you may have been trying to top from the bottom, force chastity down her throat in a certain way and expect a certain outcome. That may not be entirely fair as we need to see results and learn to digest this new wrinkle in our sex lives. 

So many conversations about chastity go something like this.

Husband: I'm going to put a cage on my cock and everything will be better. What do you think??

Wife: Okaaaaay. Sure. I guess?

The husband in this scenario has been fetishing about chastity for months or perhaps years and springs it on the wife expecting her to be as excited as he is. You need to slowly expose her to it. Explain the positives, share some of the things that have made you interested. Steer clear from the caption photos that purport to lock your cock in a cage for the rest of your life. Be real. Communicate. Explain all of the ways that it will help your communication and lovemaking. Discuss challenges that you might have and learn to back off when she is overwhelmed by it all.

It may just need to be a bedroom sex game for a while until she can become comfortable that it can be either a harmless game or the lifestyle that you want it to be. 

Perhaps I am off base, what are your thoughts?




Posted : 01/06/2021 4:04 pm
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Posted by: @grom

So my question is can all do rfl, sometimes then reading comments i feel like an outsider.

My Opinion

No, Not everybody can. Even if they could there are levels. It ranges from very vanilla, scheduled release stuff (which I think is boring) to very strict regime, dictator like things, which I hate.

I like to experiment, do new things, push his limits(if he has them), Which I recently learned is too sensitive.

How do you think I feel ? I feel like an outsider to FLRs. I've never met anybody who's more enthusiastic about this stuff than I am. I'm too much into this, I don't do vanilla stuff.

If somehow you persuade a woman to control your orgasms, it's very much likely, that its going to be a mild boring sort of FLR. On the other hand if the woman/girl talked you into an FLR (cause she loves doing it), then you're in for the best part of your life. I don't know how many of those women there are. But they're extremely rare if not impossible to find.

My honest opinion is over. 😶 

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Yes I have showed her both chastity and flr but if we should doing it always been her choice.

Chastity has never been a fetich for me its a tool, a good work one😀.

A steel case never aroused me my wife does🥰

She likes the flr part but forgot that i wore the cage, ending up doing lock and forget🙄, so i backed off.


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Sorry forgot to add something🙄

Then i stared this thing i didnt know that i started, it was first after reading your wonderful blog it clicked.

I topped from the bottom and made a contract  saying i would do everthing to make her happy.

I have lived that way for almost a year and loving it, we are both calmer and havent fought in almost a year, think i said no to her 2 times and she has respected that both times.

Chastity helps me focus but im still able to do without it, keep my focus that is.

So i went dominat to flr to chastity, seems im going in the wrong order.





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