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Our journey so far:

My wife and I have been together for close for about 12 years or so and married for about half. We have always had a strong bond emotionally and supported each other in many ways. I feel that if chastity had not entered our lives we may never have even noticed. 

We have played at role reversal and other bondage elements on and off, mostly with me in a submissive position as that's always been my preference. Fast forward to 2 years ago and we needed to make some serious life adjustments which resulted in her being our primary source of income and me being a full time father. It was a rough transition due to life events and I found myself in a bad headspace more often than not.

About a year ago I found some general information about Femald Led Relationships one night after playing with myself far too much (probably with plenty of household items to take care of that I didn't have energy for). Seeing that I was a bad place I managed to convince my wife to purchase chastity cage. I did not manage to properly explain my problem or what the issue was. She indulged me at first mostly out for me. With that I began to do more research,  and found this site and a few others I enjoyed. This has been the one resonated the most, I love logic and fact and I found those in abundance here. Especially articles about masturbation being cheating and chemical facts, the depression factor after masturbation had a source. An enemy for me to fight (lucky me I had an impenetrable shield to help). And it worked for a bit, however I felt that cage would still do all the work. Over the course of a couple months I realized that like all locks, they keep honest people honest and not thieves out the fantasy aspect of it was broken as was some faith. People often look for the easy way out, and instead things got a bit worse before they could get better. 

More serious life issue came up which far surpassed either of our needs to do much but hold on to each other to get through. With focus shifted my worse habits took center stage for me again. But even so I could not deny that things were better before the initial fantasy veil was pulled aside.  I liked the way I felt and acted with my wife holding the power. I knew I was more caring and attentive, with her and our home. I missed it alot, and again at my request we tried again a few months back have been making healthy progress towards a common goal of leading a better life for a family. This has led to my recent up tick in activity  (along with world events coming through and shattering most social constructs). After a few days of serious discussion about what we want out of this lifestyle shift I asked her to step slightly out of her comfort zone by taking time over the next few weeks to read over as much information from the blog and forums as she could. In the past I have forwarded a few things and she would skim here and there or I would try to explain things in my own way and come up short. So thank you for your help here. 

Sharing things is hard.... I will try to continue though. This is way longer that I thought it would be.


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