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Balancing the Dynamic.

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This blog post today made me think of others in the initial stages of chastity and how they're received.  Initially or even after substantial time there may be a great divide on the appeal, understanding, aptitude, and implementation of chastity.  My wife and I are "in and out" of my cage and typical FLR conditions over the long term and recently ended up at out familiar end.  I want it, she wants it, it has some outcomes that are hard for us to control and to commit to.  One of them is FLR itself.  Over the 21+ years, the majority of time I have lead the relationship, she is very supportive this.  All the big stuff and most day to day decisions have been, and usually best taken care of by me. 

No one here would argue the addictive intrigue chastity has, and the relationship benefits in communication, connection and attention.  Also the probable and strong push of role reversal.  This is where the recent blog caught me.  What if "J" or Lynn doesn't want to or isn't comfortable in those circumstances?  Now, I can go further knowing my relationship and say that we've talked this through many times over and our intent is still in the right direction, we are still working on execution.

Our 'today plan' is the opposite of previous goals.  I had thought and somehow it seemed eventual that longer term lockups were when things got easier.  Nope!  Neither is expecting someone to fulfill their own intentions until they do.  As much as my wife really wants to take the reigns and crop, run this household, and have me submit to her every whim; it's not today.  Probably not for quite some time, and until then I can only balance the dynamics for her.  I set the lock and unlock schedule knowing my sexual connection needs vs locked benefits.  I'll still float between life insurance decisions and washing the floor depending on the week.  I don't want to throw away the cage anymore if we failed to get 100% FLR, it's OK with us now to mix and mingle.  My key is locked up for as long as I choose in a Kitchen Safe and if I see the dial spun and added more days - it wasn't me. 😉

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