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Successful Relationships are 50/50

In a successful relationship, decisions are shared, money is shared and both parties have an equal say in the relationship and the direction of the couple. So how can this be a thing when you’ve literally got him under lock and key? Why would you want this when you can exert total control over your… Continue reading Successful Relationships are 50/50


The Life and Times of Vegas Ang – Part 2

This is part 2 of Vegas Ang’s Story, a forum member who joined earlier this month. We had two phone interviews which I recorded and took furious notes. Great story, please feel free to reply to her thread in the introductions forum to thank her for sharing. If you haven’t read part one, you should… Continue reading The Life and Times of Vegas Ang – Part 2

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When do the Training Wheels Come Off?

As you undoubtedly know from reading my site, I successfully use the cage as a behavior modification tool to help him learn to restrict himself to the orgasm schedule that I dictate. Part of me realizes that caging him for the rest of his life isn’t realistic however caging him for weeks or months isn’t… Continue reading When do the Training Wheels Come Off?