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To Eat His Own

Those of you that have been following along have seen that I am genuinely not interested in the fetish side of things. I am really just looking to use the male sex drive as a tool to increase the happiness for both my boyfriend and myself. That said, I always felt like the whole “cum eating” thing was from the fetish side of the whole femdom spectrum. With that statement, you can probably guess where today’s blog post will be heading.

Let’s start with the fact that I don’t find my man eating his own ejaculate the least bit sexy or arousing. As I go down this rabbit hole, I keep coming up with blogs and sites where the woman makes the man eat his own semen as a punishment or as a showing of submission to the woman. I figured I’d give it a go and see how he responded to broaching the topic. I asked if he had ever tasted his own cum and he responded that he had smelled it a couple times and touched it to his lips once or twice but never more than that. I asked him his thoughts on tasting more of it and he reluctantly said that he would try it if I wanted him to. He didn’t seem overly excited about the prospect but didn’t seem to hate the idea either.

I have of course tasted my share of semen and while I don’t hate it, I do find that swallowing is typically easier than finding a suitable place to spit it. While guys tend to find it sexy or arousing, swallowing is simply more convenient than the chore of finding a place to dispose of it. Some guys have more volume, consistency, taste but none of them have been remotely delicious and I don’t anticipate that many of you find it to be. For that reason, I feel like the symbolism of eating a man’s seed is the reason for it’s taboo and perhaps what men enjoy about it as well. What I do find arousing is the fact that it is something he doesn’t enjoy and reluctantly agreed to.

A few weeks ago, I gave him the option on his normal Sunday release. He could ejaculate tonight or wait four more days. The caveat of that offer is that an ejaculation tonight meant that he would need to ejaculate on my chest and lick me clean afterwards. With the previous reluctant conversation, I assumed this would be a difficult thing for him to agree to. I wrongfully assumed that I would have to bargain with more days until we finally settled on a proper “deal”. I usually don’t indulge in deal-making with him but I really wanted to get a gauge for how bad this was in his mind. To my dismay he smiled a little as I suggested it and readily agreed.

I got out my Hitachi Magic Wand (A girl’s best friend) and allowed him to watch me get myself off about three times before I offered him the key that is dangling between my breasts so he could unlock himself. I asked him to kneel beside the bed and masturbate while he looked at my body. After about two or three minutes, I could tell that he was getting close as he looked to me for permission to cum. I gave him a nod of approval and almost immediately he rolled his eyes back in his head and shot his week’s worth of goodness on me.

As his breathing slowed and he smiled from his weekly opportunity, he saw quite a mess on my chest and looked up in my eyes. I smiled and told him to please lick me clean. He asked if I was certain and I told him – of course I am. After a lick or two, I could tell that this wasn’t something that he was enjoying. Soon the warm mess had been cleaned from my chest but what had changed from just a few minutes prior? After locking him back up, we chatted about the experience as we usually do. I asked him why he hesitated? Had he changed his mind? He thought for a few moments and said that the idea sounded incredibly kinky before he came and he was absolutely willing to try whatever he could since it meant that he would have the opportunity to release. Once he ejaculated, all of those hormones that drive him to that end had left his body and stopped clouding his judgement. I can only assume that he saw the cleanup as a bit of an unappealing chore – perhaps along the lines of how I mentioned it earlier. I asked him if he wanted to do it next time and I could tell that he was far less interested now than the first time it had been discussed.

I do think that the symbolism of eating his ejaculate has some merit, I don’t think that this will be a normal thing for us. As Yoga Girl mentioned in a previous blog post, there is some benefit to the consuming of his ejaculate – hormones, nutrients, zinc and whatever else his body can attain from the recycling of fluids. This won’t likely be something that we do on a regular basis but we will almost certainly throw it into the mix from time to time.

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You wrote “I don’t think that this will be a normal thing for us.” It’s been a few months, have you not done it since?


I almost always finish inside but she won’t let me clean up. One of my most favorite fantasies is to have my partner ride me cow girl and then move up onto my face and allow me to clean up.


I think most guys would probably say the idea of it is wonderful – up until they actually release, and then actually need to begin the cleanup. But it’s also one of those things that reasserts her control and keep her in control, which is how we both like it. She has had me finish with my hand on her body and she can watch me lick it off her…or to ruin myself more than once and repeatedly clean her up…which is easier than after a full release.


Until we started chastity, I had been eating my cum since a very long time. And I have eaten my other boyfriends’ too in the past. The key is to give it a good 10-15 minutes –which is why I used to ejaculate in a bowl (we had a few dedicated ones for this). Immediately after climax (penis orgasms, though not anal ones strangely enough), I feel the urge to disengage from sex and my own cum disgusts me. But wait 15 minutes and I want to gulp it all down.

However, since we now wait 7 days between my ejaculations, the cum smells horrible when its out and no amount of waiting has convinced me to eat it. I think it goes stale within (but I am no scientist so don’t trust me on this one!)


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