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Which Cage is used

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This may be a "top ten" most asked question. In any case, it's related to "which Cage is best to use", which is impossible to answer. 

But anyway, i dare to ask, because it seem that a lot of guys are able to be in a cage for longer periods of time and i try to figure out how (and with which Cage 🙄 )

I struggle mainly with two things. Hygiene/Maintenance and sleep-Problems at night (because of unconscious body-reactions) 

It would be preferable to add this longtime-use to my keyholders opportunities to keep me in her reigns.

Topic starter Posted : 22/12/2020 7:41 am
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Ohh, answer my own question:
HolyTrainer V2 small
Birdlocked Pico

Topic starter Posted : 22/12/2020 7:50 am
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Mature Metal Jailbird. No reason to ever have to be unlocked. Easy to keep clean and very comfortable.

Posted : 22/12/2020 8:53 pm
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Posted by: @jim48

Mature Metal Jailbird. No reason to ever have to be unlocked. Easy to keep clean and very comfortable.

That's what I have my hubby in too.
Expensive, but it is custom made which is why it can stay on indefinitely and the open bars mean that hygiene isn't an issue either.

Posted : 23/12/2020 1:54 am
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Thanks for the endorsement.  We currently have the CB6000, which works well and is comfortable, but hygiene can be a problem after just one day.  Ms. K. told me just yesterday to "get a new cage",  Seems like she is moving back in the direction of having me caged for more than just punishment purposes.  

Posted : 23/12/2020 5:13 am
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Stealheart by steelworxx. Cleaning isn't bad. Usually take off every 2 weeks for deep cleaning and once the fella comes out of confinement it's such a sensory overload. Kink3d cages are not full confinement but it's close. 

Posted : 08/01/2021 3:21 am
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For the most intense caging experience order a Kali cage in stainless steel with adjustable spikes.  Yes night time erections make getting a full nights sleep tough. The stainless steel helps immensely with hygiene and just take a shower or I just soak in my pool or hot tub.  It's tight in my tight jeans and definitely gives my bulge more prominence. I've learned to wear it for up to four days and once removed I scrub extra hard.

Posted : 15/01/2021 7:38 am
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My first "real" cage was the Mature Metal Jailbird.  Great fit, easy cleaning, though the lock rattle was awkward at times, and I could pull out and "cheat", so we went looking for a more secure solution.

This led to me getting a PA piercing.  Tried a quite pricey custom cage, but it was too closed up for cleaning.

Then we found (think Amazon in China with wholesale prices) and went through a few more options, each required a bit more stretching of the piercing.

And then, we found IT (for us anyway).  

A 316 Stainless steel cage with a PA lock with a stub of a tube that allowed most (but not all) urine to flow freely away, keeping things clean longer.

It took some time to get comfortable but I have worn this cage for months at a time without any discomfort (beyond the expected ones, hehe ) or issues.

We ended up buying a couple of different sizes to make sure I got the right fit, but they're cheap (comparatively).


Posted : 15/01/2021 10:45 am
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Holy Trainer V3 small (Nano was to much and other issues).  Most comfortable I find. Security wise you can get out of any cage if you try, other than having a piecing (no quite there yet, but maybe close).  All chastity based on some trust, but HT V3 is enough to remind you that your locked, and meant to stay that way.  

Posted : 15/01/2021 4:40 pm
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@aandm This is the only one thats worked well for me.

Posted : 16/01/2021 12:14 am
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I wear a Mature Metal Jailbird. It is easy enough to clean although I do remove it every 2 weeks for a deep clean. I’ve found applying ToppCock Silver hygiene gel ($10.99 from Amazon) helps keep things cleaner and greatly reduces any smells. 

Posted : 16/01/2021 6:15 am
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We’ve  been through a number of cages. Plastic, Stainless, silicone and  the latest is the Kink3d Cobra2. K3D is by far the most comfortable and lightweight I have ever worn. I hardly know it’s there.  I’ve been in it since pre Loctober, currently 112 days.  A brief conversation with my wife a couple of nights ago suggests that this may be permanent.  

Posted : 16/01/2021 7:32 am