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[Closed] Up the ass  


Hello there everyone, would it be possible if you ladies and gentlemen gave me your opinion on something i cant fully rap my head around. I come from a very open minded woman lead family, i am the youngest of my 4 brothers all of which my mom made sure the got engaged and married to strong women like her that lead the relationship, outside the bed and especially inside the bed and all are very very happily married. All my brothers at some point surrendered to their women at some point, tbh i am amazed and maybe slightly surprised i stayed for 8 years in it so my wife she wanted to be the leading in the relationship for so long and lately very very strict on wanting that so i gave it to her especially after my brothers, dad and mom all advised me to do it, so i gave it a shot and gosh i loved it, of course my wife took it hard from me by pounding my ass with a strapon dildo . Tbh i want to show my wife that i am willingly surrendering the power to her, what you think i should do? i am considering one day offering her to ram me until i am left shivering . Does the fact that i enjoyed the feeling of her fucking me up the ass make me gay despite the fact that i dont like men in a sexual way and does it make me less of a man?

Posted : 09/09/2019 3:48 pm
Member Admin

Hi Chris.

Welcome to the site. A female led relationship is nothing to shy away from. In fact, most men find a female led relationship to be quite empowering. It allows them to focus on showing their love to their partner rather than butting heads at trying to co-manage the household.

You are quite crass about the act of pegging. In my experience, pegging is a loving act of male submissions and not an act of the woman forcing herself on her man. I'd imagine that part of your comment is fetish based fantasy about what pegging might be like.

I'd suggest that you do a bit more research into loving submission. It is much more likely that you will find a woman who will use the strapon as an instrument to heighten your loving connection. To each their own but this site isn't about forceful fetishes like you describe.


Posted : 09/09/2019 4:25 pm
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Lady, it isnt a fetish and she in no way forced me to do anything. I agreed to it, bent over and took it. Loved every second of it, well not at the beginning but after sometime i did. My question is, i enjoyed and now desire to surrender everything to my woman, so any suggestion of how i should do it? i am not an expert in this whole submission thing, though she likes pegging most.

Posted : 09/09/2019 4:29 pm