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37 and trying to rediscover who I am.  

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Hi, I'm a widower trying to start my life over again. I've been a "we" for so long I don't even know who "l" am anymore. But I'm slowly figuring it out. 

I've always felt more comfortable being in a support role in a relationship. I've never felt like it was a submissive thing. I just really enjoy doing nice things and taking care of someone. For me it's fulfilling to make sure my partner is able to fully relax and enjoy themselves when they get home. I definitely get a better sense of accomplishment when I can do that for someone than I do from being the main bread winner.

Eventually I'll want to start dating again and meet someone special but until then I want to try exploring what female led relationships are really about.

I know there is a very wide range of views on that topic and ultimately it will come down to the individuals involved but it's something I'm interested in.

If anyone has questions or just wants to talk I'm interested. I've been pretty lonely lately and since convid the internet has been where I'm trying to get my social interaction fix from.

Posted : 15/09/2020 12:40 pm
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Posted by: @barons

but until then I want to try exploring what female led relationships are really about.

Hi Barons and welcome to our little gathering here.  My condolences on the passing of our wife.  A female led relationship is many things, to many different.  The only thing that matters is that IT is what that couple wants it to be.  You'll get a large bombardment of opinions and definitions of what it will be out there (not here so much), but don't ever lose sight that there is no template out there that any of us have to fit in.  The kind of Wife Led Marriage my Wife and I have "works for us" because we have been on our journey for nearly 10 years.  In the end, the best bit of advice anyone can ever give you is ... communicate, communicate, communicate.  


Our delightful host Emma lovingly pounds the table about communication ... and she is absolutely correct.

Posted : 15/09/2020 4:27 pm
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Sorry for your loss, and welcome Barons.


Posted : 15/09/2020 6:07 pm