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Advantages of having a small penis

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  1. There is less risk of damage or loss due to frostbite. Many small ones retract completely or almost completely in cold weather. If stranded in extreme temperatures, you may lose parts of your nose, fingers, or toes, but not a very small penis.
  2. There is less chance of getting it caught in machinery. Wisdom demands safety clothing while working with machinery, but many a one-armed or now-blind man thought he was being careful.
  3. There is no chance of it dipping into the toilet water while sitting down. Gentlemen know that while you’re sitting down, you are evacuating something you’d never want to have come into contact with your penis. One of the miseries of guys with seriously huge penises is that the distal end droops into the water. As an aside, those Quorans with medical training know the terms “distal” and “proximal.” When it comes to penises, you don’t even have to use those terms when discussing small ones. Unlike larger guys, it isn’t like an arm that has distal and proximal ends. The tip of a finger is just the tip of a finger.
  4. Not chasing women just to get them into bed. Unlike their friends from ages 15–25, guys with small penises aren’t always scamming and scheming for sex. Sure they’re just as horny, but imagine seeking a deeper connection than physical attraction and a desire to ejaculate alone before trying to have sex with others. A guy with a small penis knows that eventually he’s going to be outed by her to all of her friends, and the more good things she can say about him along with that unmistakable detail, the better off he is, and the better her experience will have been.
  5. Not relying on penetration to be the “main event.” A man with a small penis may disappoint his first couple of lovers, but he’d better learn from that experience and develop his other skills, and become very perceptive and responsive about a partner’s needs and pleasure. In all likelihood, if a couple of humiliating failures don’t scare him out of the sexual arena entirely, a man with a small penis may offer a “wow” experience that doesn’t include vaginal penetrative intercourse at all, or only at the end, like a light dessert at the end of a long, fine meal. If he’s not relying on penetration, because he knows the stimulatory limits of his small penis, then premature ejaculation isn’t going to be a problem. He isn’t going to even think about penetration until she’s has several good orgasms in other ways.
  6. No fear of toys. Far from being offended when a woman hands him a large dildo or vibrator, and says “here, use this,” men with small penises are grateful and relieved to have the assistance. There’s nothing shameful to them about “calling in backup” for a woman who needs deep and full vaginal stimulation and sensation, and he may even travel with his own penis extender sleeve. He knows that a natural two- or three-incher isn’t going to scratch many women’s itches, and being handed something that will get that particular itch scratched is a good thing. If they’re at her place and she isn’t lovin’ what he brings to the table, he may just ask: “where’s your artillery drawer?” When a woman likes physical sensation near her cervix, he knows that doesn’t mean having his small penis waving at her cervix from a considerable distance away without ever getting close. If she wants to feel the tip pressing gently on her cervix, that doesn’t mean that being located merely in the same postal-code zone will do. A guy who’s seriously small doesn’t have to worry that she’s had lovers before with larger penises - he expects that she has, and that she knows what a bigger penis feels like. That fear is gone.
  7. Humiliation play. Granted it isn’t most women’s cup o’ tea, but what a wonderful gift he has received in having a small penis! In addition to not acting like a “total dick” in the bedroom (see nos. 4 and 5 above), the authenticity of his play with a partner teasing him about his “little secret” can be wonderful indeed. The authenticity of it, and for humiliation play, the smaller the better, makes it so much easier for a woman to engage with him this way. The simple fact is that men are far more into this than women are. The additional fact that he really does feel small during sex makes it easier for her to tell him so. Hearing, “I can hardly feel it; go deeper” would be a crisis for some men, but not for small guys into humiliation - it’s exactly what they want to hear. Now, having enjoyed cuckold or Domme/sub role play highlighting the smallness of his penis, it’s up to him to be just as spirited, or even more, in indulging her kinks.
  8. Fewer ED issues. As men age, problems getting and maintaining erections present with increasing frequency. Believe it or not, men with small penises have fewer erectile problems that men with large penises do. Even before middle age, small penises become more rigid when erect than large ones do.
  9. Fewer crotch shots. Sadly, no group of men these days seems reluctant to send pictures of their private parts to women who haven’t consented to receive them. However, men with small penises are less likely than those hung in the average or above range to go sending pictures of them to women they know who have not consented to receive them. That is not to say that there is any shortage of pictures of nude men online or popping-up unexpectedly on people’s phones with frequency; however, men with small penises are less in evidence. Perhaps a little shyness is a good thing, before snapping that picture or hitting “send.” It’s delusional for men to think that women want to receive unsolicited dick-pics. Men with small penises at least realize that a pictures of them with their diminutive junk exposed is not going to impress anyone, and that her forwarding it to everyone she knows for a good laugh isn’t going to end well for him.
  10. Less likely to stray, possibly. This one is somewhat speculative, but based on a factual piece of information. Men with smaller-than-average penises report smaller numbers of lifetime sex partners than conventionally- or generously-endowed men do. Probably a function of a lower level of confidence, more than anything else, guys with small penises generally are not chasing as many women for sex. Find a good one, and his promise to “forsake all others” may hold up over time. His penis may be little, but he’s more likely than some others to keep that little thing in his pants.
  11. Less embarrassing to get a hard-on in public.
  12. Less frequent need to readjust underwear.
  13. No issues with hitting the cervix during sex
  14. Easier anal sex / deep throating
  15. Less intimidating
  16. You get to practice dealing with a completely random societal prejudice against you. Helps understand shaming and inequality.
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Maybe you have an evolutionary advantage in the same way that a turtle can hide in its shell for safety and protection. Your penis can retract inside for protection as well. 

Posted : 08/07/2021 5:28 am
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That’s a great list, lighthearted and serious at the same time.  I can say that the most intense orgasms I have ever had were the result of SPH play with my wife.  That’s an interesting point about small penises being less prone to erectile dysfunction.  I didn’t know that.  In addition, I think that even when a guy with a small penis does experience erectile dysfunction, it may be less traumatic than it is for a well-hung guy.  That’s because married guys with small penises are more likely to have learned to have sexual fun with their wives in ways that aren’t focused on the penis…or not on their own penis.

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