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Our Boyfriend

My last couple blogs have turned into erotic novels and while that isn’t the typical content of the site, I certainly enjoyed writing it. Based on the positive feedback, perhaps I’ve missed my calling as an erotic novel author. Who knows.

Kevin is my boyfriend slash partner slash unofficial fiance and I love him dearly. Andrew is our new neighbor with whom we’ve fallen into a relationship, friends with benefits or whatever you want to call it. If you haven’t read part one and two, I highly recommend that you do so. This could probably be called part three but I don’t really want to get into keeping everything sequential and overly organized.

Kevin and I have spent more than a few nights getting to know Andrew and we’ve really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to continuing to get to know him since he seems to be a really great guy.

My primary focus is Kevin and we did slip into this thing much faster than I would ever have expected. We’ve talked about threesomes and it has been a fantasy of mine. I really enjoy being the center of attention as evidenced by the fact that you are reading a blog about me (yay!). As we’ve talked about threesomes although we’ve never actively gone out seeing one. In our conversations, a threesome for us has always been about a MFM (Male Female Male) configuration. We have both agreed that we wouldn’t push one away if the situation happened unless either one of us was opposed to it. The key there is that we both must be alright with the situation and in the case of Andrew, we are.

I told Kevin that I want to get to know Andrew better and see if we click or if we are just caught up in the novelty of having a new partner. Kev agreed and we decided that I’d hang out with with Andrew next time it made sense to do so.

Kev has been working from home due to whatever phase of the Pandemic we are currently in. With business calls, a one bedroom apartment can get quite annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely thankful that Kevin has a job but I do need some peace and quiet sometimes. It was one of those afternoons when I got a text from Andrew saying simply “ping pong?”.

I showed the text to Kev who was on a call, he nodded and motioned to the door, I could see a smile on his face as I walked out and down the steps adjacent to the apartment courtyard area. I felt reassured that he was smiling as I left and although I am generally a confident person, I was nervous for some reason. Butterflies I think. Once I got to last step, I sat down on it and texted Andrew back to say that I’d meet him at the ping pong table. I sat on that step for a few minutes thinking about what the next steps are. We certainly all clicked together in a sexual setting but we hadn’t talked all too much. I was deep in thought as I saw Andrew’s profile standing by the ping pong table from across the courtyard.

I walked over and Andrew seemed surprised to see me without Kevin. I explained that Kev was working and would probably join us later once he was done. Andrew smiled and had brought three beers from his apartment with him. We opened two of them and set one to the side saying cheers as the tops of them fizzed up. We made small talk, I found out that Andrew works for a mining company but the entire operation was temporarily shut down due to Covid. There was really no telling how soon he would be back to work. He didn’t seem distraught telling me about it but it was clearly a stressful thing for him to talk about.

The global pandemic has certainly impacted us in different ways. I explained about the recent loss of a family member that I had experienced. We chatted about some nearby businesses that where shut and we speculated on which would ever reopen. It was pretty dark conversation but neither of us was allowing ourselves to get too depressed about it. I suppose this is just the current reality.

I don’t know how long we talked but I saw about three or four other apartment tenants walk by and I realized that we actually do have quite a bit in common. We talked about some of our hobbies and where we went to high school and he generally seems like someone that I’d enjoy spending more spend time with. I told him about Kev and explained how solid our relationship is. I went on to tell him that although we’ve never done a threesome together until this experience, we’ve been talking about it for some time. I confessed that we were both particularly happy with the way it had all turned out. I complimented him on how respectful he had been with both of us and asking about boundaries during our experiences together. I told him that the conversations Kevin and I had afterwards were more about letting our masks down than letting our pants down. Hah! Seriously though, one of the comments on the previous article was spot on. At the time of this writing and certainly at the time of the experience, Covid is a larger concern than any STD. At least in our minds.

I asked Andrew if he had ever done a threesome like that before. He laughed and said that it was all a new and exciting experience for him. I asked him about his kinks and he said that he enjoys floggers and whipping. He didn’t see much of a reaction from me so he corrected himself and said that it was very gentle of course. Just for teasing.

I laughed, thinking that he must have taken my lack of reaction as floggers pushing my boundaries. Being the open and honest person that I am, I proceeded to start to tell him about all of the kinks that we currently enjoy and some that we’ve tried over the past few years. I stopped short of telling him about this blog because I wasn’t sure how much information that I wanted to give him.

He was absolutely mesmerized when I told him that Kevin had been locked during our first sexual experience and was out on “good behavior” for the second. I explained some of the benefits of orgasm control and we talked about it for a good hour. It seemed like he agreed about the male sex drive controlling and clouding so much of the relationship but didn’t say much more. I figured that I’d let him chew on it and do some google searches before talking too much more about it.

All in all we had some really good conversation and I genuinely enjoyed getting to know a bit more about Andrew. I asked what he was hoping to get from spending time with Kevin and I. He said that we seem like really good good people and he was fine with whatever our friendship turned into. I smiled and said that we were thinking the same thing. We were about done with our beers. Well, I had been drinking slow and mine still had some left but it was mostly warm so I decided to pretend like it was empty and throw it away with his. I do like beer but I was quite engaged in the conversation and I felt like I was talking most of the time so I didn’t have much of a chance to drink it.

Kev sent me a text to say that he was done with his work calls so I thanked Andrew for his time and said that we would catch up soon. I got up and said that I was going to head back to my place. Andrew mentioned that he was going to BBQ at the community grill and had plenty of food if we wanted to join him later. With a hug, I thanked him and said that I would text him shortly.

So we didn’t formalize any titles like “boyfriend” or “friends with benefits” but Kevin and I are referring to him as “our boyfriend”. He seems like a generally nice guy and we are going to see where this takes us.

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I would be lying through my teeth if I said I was not a bit jealous of you, Kevin and Andrew. Do you think it would have ever happened if not for the world ending in pandemic? Or would your ships continued to sail past I the night? It is nice to hear real experiences of this kind, thank you for sharing. And thank you for maintaining this site, which has helped me speak of some of my own thoughts. I hope the community here continues to grow and expand.


Thought I could edit a reply, either way I was surprised to see you told Andrew about Kevin’s cage freely.


Yeah that surprised me too. Did you discuss with Kev Emma?


The pandemic has certainly changed us all. If not for this pandemic we would not have tried chastity or the nude streak Lemmings made me try this weekend (left the story in the forums).

It is refreshing to see you take this seriously and slow down. I was genuinely worried about Kev and your dynamic messing up.

A few years ago I had shared my cuckolding fantasy with Lemmings and encouraged her to sleep around with whomever she wanted. But she hates what she calls “a second penis” and has always wants the MFF combination which isn’t a big turn-on for me but is still ok. But whenever we have had a serious conversation about it we have always hesitated to ask the people we identified could be game for it (basically her friends).

I do want to thank you for sharing today’s story because I have been making Lemmings read this particular tale (she does not like online blogs BTW and considers forums a waste of time –she means no offense to you). But today she finally said she was going to think about our threesome adventure in the MMF configuration but wants to see how your story unfolds first (she liked this part more than the first two by the way –those were too graphic for her apparently).

All the best to you three! (genuinely not being selfish).


Em, how unaware of me. I re-read the story and saw you mention you lost someone. We are both sorry for your loss.


True it would have been weird for him to open up and you not to. It would be nice if the world was kinder place to people sexuality and information could be exchanged freely. But that certainly is not the case in most places, and it is very hard to tell who you can open up to about things. This pretty much the only place, other than with my wife, where I can speak to about our lifestyle (if my deluge of recent activity was not an indicator). As you said in the first Ping Pong post, getting your thoughts in writing can provide alot of clarity. Keep doing what your are doing, it does make a difference.


I understand your need to write. Writing things down allows you to go over them in your mind without forgetting anything about what happened.
My husband and I each have a journal that we keep where we record our feedback and feelings after new experiences or when we feel the need to do so.
I’ve always liked that. I like to read his diary (as much as he likes to read mine I think) because it gives us a glimpse of feelings that are sometimes difficult to verbalize, even though we are a couple with very good communication.


Somewhere certainly even if in the end a diary read by someone else isn’t really a diary anymore, is it?


I find it kinda puzzling, although I seem to share the same fantasy as Kevin, to see you call Andrew « our boyfriend » when you are the one having most of the benefits. For Kevin it’s only down to him to transform this in a mental arousal. So it’s more like you found yourself a second boyfriend, at least to this point in time of the story.
I would also love to know what Andrew thought when you told him about Kev being caged and occasionally pegged. Would he feel the opportunity of becoming the frequently called « alpha » male of the developing trio?

By the way, how did you feel joining Andrew on your own/without Kev? To me this is something I would only see myself living with my dear, since it’s meant to be something between us. Were you thinking about the possibility to go further than ping-pong again, but on your own this time? Or is it something you have clearly established with Kevin already that you will only experience when the 2 of you are together? This is a context that really tickles the mental aspect in me.


I really like that you seem to keep transparency and communication as the center of everything in your couple, though words (at least to me) didn’t necessarily made it clear there. That’s clearly a strength and what seems to be the foundation for your couple. Something most people seek but rarely achieve (myself first).
No need to downplay the sexual aspect, it’s actually a great thing that you can get to illustrate both sides of this relationship with the importance of the mental arousal from the situation in the context of this “threesome”, which you perfectly described when you said you were enjoying being the center of attention.
Anyway, i truly look forward to see how things will evolve for all 3 of you.


I really identify with this. My husband and I have been married for 14 years and I’ve had a boyfriend for the last two years. Contrary as it may seem, the relationship with my husband has never been stronger.


Of course that would be fine.


Are you some kind of polyamorous? I have a friend with benefits that I have also been dating for some time but I find it difficult to consider him as a “boyfriend” even if our relationship is quite close to that (I mean that our relationship goes beyond purely sexual considerations).
In any case I would also be interested to exchange with you on the subject.


Polyamory implies love and I wouldn’t say that I love my boyfriend but we do have fun together and enjoy great connection. As with you, I would say that the relationship goes beyond purely sexual considerations. It is almost as if my relationship with my husband encompasses the reality that is my life and the relationship with my boyfriend is primarily physical and an escape from the busy day to day routine of my life. I use the term boyfriend loosely because the other words I tried to use just seem more awkward than just calling it what it is. Friend with benefits would more accurately describe the relationship.


What other words do you have in mind?
For what it’s worth, maybe you’re just having trouble verbalizing the knot in your relationship with your “boyfriend”.
I’m a fan of the right word (I know it’s boring). It’s just that I have the impression that when you name things wrong it’s hard to know where you stand.


Em, it is never too late to start anything. Erotic novels are all the rage as we liberate ourselves. Go for it and may be write under a pseudonym. So much erotica is male generated that it does not even seem real (there is a whole reddit sub making fun of this). I think you may just as well change the scene.


Couldn’t agree more, sexuality and fantasies are so often shared as seen through the eyes of men… It’s finally liberating and reassuring to read the point of view of a woman.
It may be short of changing the scene, but would for sure be a step in that direction.