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What is Slut Shaming and Why is She Such a Slut?

Wikipedia says that slut-shaming is the practice of criticizing women based upon the sexual expectations of others. I’ve gotten my share of raised eyebrows due to our living situation. In fact the leasing office for our apartment had to get “authorization” to rent a one bedroom to three people when we told them of our… Continue reading What is Slut Shaming and Why is She Such a Slut?

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Having Fun With It: Only Two Players

This is an ongoing story about my life with Kevin, our neighbor Andrew and the new and interesting dynamic that is coming from our new relationship. You can read previous blogs about our story or you can start here. Either way, enjoy! It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, Kevin and I were playing some video… Continue reading Having Fun With It: Only Two Players

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Sexualizing Insecurities

I’m writing the draft of this blog on a flight during that strange week between Christmas and New Year. Thankfully the flight is half full and I have the whole row to myself. I don’t think I’d be able to concentrate if I was constantly worried about the wandering eyes of the person beside me.… Continue reading Sexualizing Insecurities

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Successful Relationships are 50/50

In a successful relationship, decisions are shared, money is shared and both parties have an equal say in the relationship and the direction of the couple. So how can this be a thing when you’ve literally got him under lock and key? Why would you want this when you can exert total control over your… Continue reading Successful Relationships are 50/50