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I wrote about this on the blog this week, it's not quite a game (although we have lots and I'll dig some out) but it's a big old mindfuck and super hot


One of the things hubby and I have explored that we don’t really see elsewhere is the idea of some roleplay by text. Me pretending I’m in a scenario and messaging him about it. One of our favourites was the idea of discovering a Gloryhole, but another exciting one is a big fantasy of hubby’s, that is telling my friends about it.

What’s brilliant about this kind of thing is that you can both experience a lot of the rush of things you fantasise about but don’t really want to do for real, or at least gives you a chance to try them out first. They’re also really quite intimate and creative. You can write it all off as a story but it can give you some interesting pointers on what gets them going, and you can debrief afterwards and learn even more.

If you like the idea of this, here’s some ideas to get you started.

If you’re planning to do this often then it’s hot to get permission in advance to just make this stuff up, and be allowed to lie if they ask things like if it’s really happening. They’ll have often forgotten about it, at least at first, and makes the rush much stronger.

Second, you can do some preparation too. When we did a Gloryhole text tease I’d found a couple of pictures of the same cock from different angles and thought about what the story would be. Even better getting one of the empty hole first, then with a cock coming through!

If you’re doing any of this roleplay pretending you are whatsapping the conversations you can even create fake screenshots!

Check out  https://www.fakewhats.com/generator

Imagine sending this:


Imagine the impact of sending him THAT screenshot.

https://www.fakechatapp.com/  does the same but adds Facebook Messenger too (I just found these, SO MUCH FUN).

Anyway, that’s a different one, now let’s focus on the idea that you’re roleplaying telling your friends.

So, ideally this would happen when you’re actually going out to meet them. Although you could do it from another room, pretend you’re chatting in Whatsapp even.

Firstly you need a reason it’s happened. For this scenario there are a few. One would be you’re feeling frisky and decide to wear the key on a necklace, and then the message would be 

Jane just asked about the meaning of the key, should I tell her?’

 to kick things off.

Another could be 

‘You won’t believe it, we’re playing truth or dare. So funny. We’re all quite tipsy so who knows what I might say…’ 

That could be via Whatsapp.

Speaking of which if this kind of thing doesn’t come naturally, a few drinks will really help you relax you and get into it. Also, well ‘edging’ before (get him to go down on you before you go out to really set the scene) or if you’re alone, even vibing as you chat will help you have the most fun.

So, take your time with it. So much of this is about the anticipation. Hint you’re tipsy, or feeling naughty. Then go with,

Oh darling, they just asked about the key on my necklace, what should I tell them?

Insist it’s for real however much he asks. This is why having asked if it’s okay to ‘lie’ in the past is great. I have constant permission to lie to hubby if it’s to arouse and tease him. I’ll always tell him afterwards, that’s the rule.

So, do use his reply to inform you, but it’s a fantasy, so even if he’s hesitant, pretend you did it. 

I did it, I told them

Make him ask you what you told them, drag it out.

I think my exact words were ‘I keep James’ cock locked up in a steel chastity cage’

He’ll ask about their reaction.

Emma’s laughing, a lot. They aren’t sure if I’m serious. Should I convince them I’m not kidding? There’s no going back you know…

And here’s where it’s going to really kick in. Ask for a picture to prove it. It just went from hot, to inferno.

Quickly, send me a picture of it, just it, not your face, obviously. 

Yes I mean it.

If he sends it, it’s a big if, you can have so much fun with it (although make sure it doesn’t back it up to the cloud lol). If he won’t, you can kind of skip to the next bit anyway.

They’re asking so many questions. Does it hurt. How often do you wear it. Why do we do it. How does it make you feel. Why don’t you answer that last one. 

Again, just giving him things to do or say really makes it more interesting that just ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this’

Emma’s asked how it makes you feel to know they know?

Using questions like that to get his feedback are really effective. But then sometimes say more to give him a break

I’m telling them all about why I love it. I think they are jealous lol Jane is seriously turned on by this, I can tell. Fuck, she just asked how big you are. THis is about to get interesting.

Now, be mean, make him wait. Read his message, but don’t reply.

This is so much fun, we’ve all been comparing sizes. Do you want the good news, or the bad news?

Again, make him interact.

Good? We have way more sex than anyone here. They all can’t believe it. I’ve been boasting about your oral skils.

But the bad… are you sure you want to know?

You have the smallest cock of all their husbands. By a lot. They all agree it’s good you’re locked up, especially with how good you are with your mouth. OH god I haven’t told them about the strap on! brb

Again, just making him process that, and wait, is super hot. Just enjoy imagining what he’s feeling.

LOL I think that was maybe a bit TMI for some of them. Whoops. Although there was a lot of laughing. Did you know Geoff is as big as our big dildo! I’ve been hearing all about it.

Now to finish things off.

Baby, we’ve agreed next month’s gin night is going to be at our place. Oh they’ve all promised not to tell their husbands. Not yet anyway. I think that might depend on how cooperative you are next month. Those were Emma’s words. I hope this is turning you on honey. I’m heading home soon. I’ll tell you everything, wait a minute.

Again, leave him chewing that over and then the final reveal.

Umm, so, I told them how hard it was sometimes to be strong and not give in and unlock you. So, well let’s just say, you have a new keyholder for the month. Exciting! Love you, home soon.

And if that hasn’t blown his mind, nothing will.

Obviously amend this as works for you, but hopefully it gives you an idea of just what fun you can have with ‘Text roleplays’.

Have some fun with it, I hope it inspires you to try something new. 

Lots of love


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great game, could imagine lots of variations

Posted : 05/07/2020 12:27 pm
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That is hilarious, I might play this game a bit although I'm just as likely to actually tell them. 🤣 

Feel free to link to your blog. I noticed that you didn't but I certainly don't mind.


Posted : 06/07/2020 2:58 pm
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Sounds like amazing fun. Thanks for sharing.  The two links provided didn't seem to work, FYI

Posted : 30/08/2020 6:09 am
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Posted by: @subhubphx

Sounds like amazing fun. Thanks for sharing.  The two links provided didn't seem to work, FYI

Thanks for the heads up. I just fixed the links.

Posted : 30/08/2020 10:18 pm
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