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Chastity cage and running.

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After lot of readings (mostly here!) my recently new beloved half and I decided finally to lock me up, at the moment we are still browsing her new toy to lock me up with, but we are very concerned about exercise and chastity cage. I love to end everyday with a 5k run, which is something that helps me push the day’s stress off. It is an habit that I have since I was a teenager and quite frankly I cannot see myself without it.

Anyone locked here has some advices? Is there any particular model that you suggest? Or anyone else had experiences with cage and running? 

Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2020 12:15 am
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Not with running but my husband rows.
He's found that a good 'jock strap' type brief holds everything in place and he's never had an issue. I guess just a fairly tight pair of briefs (or lycra) would do the same thing.
He also cycles occasionally and hasn't experienced any problems there either.
I think the secret is not to have too big a cage - what I mean is that some of the off the shelf ones can be larger than you need, so one that is sized better will help.
Sorry, that's all I can offer.


Posted : 08/09/2020 1:00 am
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Kevin likes running as well. We went through a good number of cages before finding one that worked well. Mstara's suggestion of a jock strap or some sort of underwear that holds the kit out in front of his legs should work well. Expect trial and error to find something that fits his anatomy and unique needs and suits her preference from a visual aspect. 

You will need to make some slight adjustments with your running style although it shouldn't be too much. I would suggest working your way back up to 5k once locked. Perhaps start with a walk down the street and back, followed by a 1k jog just to make sure all the pieces are meshing well. The intention isn't for you to be sore so proper fitment is key especially if you are planning on longer lockup periods. I would suggest a tighter style stainless steel cage to make cleaning easier.

Either way. Welcome @ser

Posted : 08/09/2020 6:32 am
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I swim, bike and run with my cage on.  For the run I wear compression shorts to hold everything in place. The key is to lube up well prior to your event, things will naturally find the position.   I swim in a Speedo believe it or not it’s less noticeable than jammers and again keeps everything in place.  On the bike I wear a regular cycling kit just like compression shorts. My cage is a K3D Cobra2S. 

Posted : 16/01/2021 7:58 am