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Perverse Masturbation  

Nan Bam
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Note: Translated to English from the original submission

Today your submissive turns two weeks of chastity and deserves his biweekly orgasm, it has served you well, but you know that it takes a week to return to the servile state that you like, you do not need me to penetrate and run quickly because with his Rubber cock gives you the orgasms you need vaginally and you know that with your little endurance and can not take you to orgasm. It took time to teach him how to use his tongue in your pussy and now its use is efficient and most of the time you reach the climax. Penetration has been ruled out and, of course, the blowjob of his cock, you have not taken it to your mouth for years, you just have to masturbate it, but you don't want to give it another ruined orgasm as usual and you've thought about a perverse game. 

The time comes and after dinner while you weave your things Enter the living room and announce that the kitchen is ready and clean, look at you and you see his desire in his eyes since yesterday his two weeks of chastity were fulfilled since the last ruined orgasm that he got from you and you know that he will not directly ask for his orgasm because you will surely get angry and send him to sleep without what he wants. It would not be the first time that happens, you think about how hard and disciplined you had to be at the beginning and that it hurt for the love you have but it took several months for your mistakes without leaving your cage, without being able to touch, without orgasm some, while he attended you with his tongue, and his fingers. If it was harder for him of course but you learned both who's in charge now. You look back at him with that mischievous smile that you know how to do and you see that he opens his eyes, He realized that there is something prepared for tonight, today you want to play not like last night that you got very tired from work, he also knows you and you say come on stand up in front of me and undress. Sitting on the couch you see how he strips naked and is left alone with his chick locked in his metal chastity device, He has his hands behind his back and his head facing the floor, his cock is not flaccid but being the device quite tight you see moment as he squeezes begins to get excited. You observe it well knowing that it will not return your eyes and you realize how much you like your man, you know that he loves you, you do not like that he has left so much and now he is thicker, well obese. But the years of living together have left their mark on both of you and you are not the same as 20 years ago, It doesn't matter he drinks and eats from your hand and proves it much more than before. Approach my love, he takes a step and you take a soft but firm red rope from your basket of tissues, not very thin, you don't want marks on his wrists, on Monday we both go to our jobs and our secret must remain safe, date the turn, he does it and putting his hands behind his back he lets himself be tied while looking at the floor. Get away a little, you order him affectionately, you have his hairy ass almost on your face and he takes a step away, there is that ass that I like, he still has good legs, arched where it is guessed that there were some cyclist muscles, and a hole in every buttock but every day more stuffed, you think any day I put it to jump and diet. You feel how you get excited as you know that he is for you and how you want to use it. You feel that your inner humidity increases seeing your naked body standing with your back to you and your chest of drawers on the couch and the one standing, submissive waiting for your instructions. You order him to kneel and put his head on the carpet supporting his forehead, in this way you force him to lift his ass to see how leaning he clearly sees his still virgin anus and his testicles that hang tight by the ring of his device that surrounds and keeps his penis inside his cage. It keeps them well shaved as well as their pubis and surroundings. It's how you like it. You like to see the contrast of his manly body with his hairy ass and that shaved genital area almost as if it were like the skin of a baby. Wait here, don't move, I'm going to change. He obeys and without moving to look back and know about your next move, still kneeling and waiting with his back to the bedroom, but still looking at the floor. At last he learned and you wake up satisfied with the security that will not move from his position, remember that the long punishments he fulfilled while standing against the wall of thinking disciplined him and increased his patience and resistance to pain.

You go to the bedroom and take off your comfortable robe and shirt to go home and throw down the clothes, socks, t-shirt and panties that big battle cotton that you have been wearing since this morning to go to work, you know that he will pick them up and take them to the washing machine to return them washed and ironed. How good that of male chastity and that it was the one who asked you to smile with pleasure at your new status and enter the bathroom to take a deserved and refreshing shower.

Half an hour later you leave the bathroom. And you have Domina's uniform in your hands with those black fishnet stockings that she likes so much and you wear a black leather thong to match your bodice to highlight your breasts and show your great auras, you smile you know that you drive him crazy with lust , they are like a gold doubloon brought from the colonies, as the rapture says that you let them suck you eagerly and both at the same time while gently bringing them closer to each other. You sit on the bed and put on the matching leather high boots with a zipper on the side, this time you have not let me dress you or bathe you and then I massaged your whole body with your favorite cream, the one with a vanilla smell his favorite flavor, not today does not touch softness today touches become a little more aggressive, you laugh thinking about what you have in mind for him, you have left him waiting on his knees, not to punish him there was no reason you like to be fair although you set the rules and decide the punishments as a judge, he accepts it. Today you want to surprise him and see his face of desire for you that you like so much.

You enter the room again and he is still where he was kneeling, he begins to feel discomfort but has practically not moved, the pain has prevented him from relaxing too much and falling asleep, but if you notice that his package hangs limp by the weight of the cage , and there is no erection whatsoever. You realize that his genitals have been stretching and he no longer has the roe attached to the body like the tigers, that's what he told you before he fucked you and you let yourself submit but that was long ago but not so much, before becoming your submissive. Now he is your kitty and does what you say.

How are you Kitten ?, you say standing up and behind him, with your bamboo stick in one hand while you gently hit him on your other open hand, you see how he shivers he can't see you yet but if you make sure he hears the noise of the dreaded corrective staff. I see that you are still on your knees, you can straighten up, get up but don't turn around, and keep looking like this where you know. You don't want to miss your expression when you look up and see you dressed for action. Now turn around and you can look up, look at me kitty.

He turns and slowly looks up while you notice how his cage is small and he is getting more than morcillona, ​​can not avoid his look of desire to have you are what you most want in this world, and you laugh satisfied seeing that you wake up his desire while you feel like playing with him.

He would undoubtedly do it if you wanted to, but you command and you don't want a servant but your manly but controlled man and to show you every minute of the day how in love and submissive he is for you. Well turn around I want to unleash you for a new game, laugh he is intrigued, you like that and feeling perverse now is fun.

You tell him how well you are going to have a good time and announce that today you will allow him to masturbate but he must fulfill some simple requirements and teach him the rules of your new perverse game. Look at my love as you receive the baton strokes, you will shake your chick, I only allow you to use one hand the other you keep behind, you can ask for more and you can increase the rhythm of the wiggle and at the same time increase the force of the blows, if you Complaints and I hear only one. It comes out of your mouth to stop masturbating and double your chastity time. So focus on it so you don't scream and don't even think about moving it faster without my permission, it would be a shame if you didn't achieve your desired orgasm today. Did you get it Yes my Mistress thank you. Very well you will start taking that morcillona chick that you have. Oh, how hard it got! You have it like a stone you are a vicious I knew you would like it. Let's start slowly. You can start. Zas, the first soft cane, the one with his back to you with one hand holding his penis attracts his skin that covers him towards himself and completely removes the glans from his hood, while pushing his ass forward as if someone could receive his onslaught of male come out, that so stopped at the next slap you can reverse the movement, wait a moment you look through the mirror on the wall his torso and see how from the tip of his glans droplets of pre-cum fall, laugh thinking that this does not It will last too long, we will see, Zas, that is now reversing the movement, I see that you know before you did it a lot behind my back but it is already a luxury that you can not afford, Zas another cane, glans out and more pre-cum laugh now with that open and loud laugh, you're having fun, it's that easy, remember mark your rhythm ask for more and I'm increasing the strength of my blows now very soft, I can't hear you asking louder .. Zas, more, zas, more ... It was not hard for him to understand that each movement amounted to one more that came out of his mouth, he soon picked up pace as I measured my strength and increased his pain. Finally, both of us were satisfied, he got his orgasm, although it was hard to reach the climax because when he increased his pace at the end he received a strong punishment to be able to run, he kept repeating more, more, more, without feeling the strong and followed blows of my cane, but He didn't say a single one until he ran and fell on his knees at my feet kissing them and thanking me. You will not be able to sit down in a few days that I will use to put pomadite on your booty while you spoil me and eat my pussy and thank me. A few fabulous weeks will pass until I ask for another session like this. Happy male chastity

Written by Nan Bam submissive of Domina Tanit.

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