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Delaying Him  

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I've received some questions about how I delay him, or stop him from cumming during sex. I don't feel like I have enough information for an entire blog post but I can share some of the things that we do when he is just a bit too "ready to go". Typically this is after 7+ days of retaining but we use a condom with lidocaine desensitizing spray on the inside. This usually delays  him for a good while without impacting my enjoyment and ability to have an orgasm or three. 

I've said it several times but after a couple months of sex not including release for him, his mind stops associating sex with release and he enjoys the sex more since he isn't pushing for that finish line. It also prolongs sex although as noted above, you can't prolong things forever.

Topic starter Posted : 25/03/2019 8:41 am
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Delaying ejaculation is a common problem for me in that I am only allowed 2-3 orgasms per year.  That said, my wife still often enjoys a good, long fucking from her husband, which in and of it self is a problem.  Of course, after a long period of denial, there is a hair-trigger problem.  We have found that the use of both a numbing spray and a thick cock sheath (we call it Pinky, because its pink) does the trick.  


Like Kevin, I too do not associate sex with any release for me and prefer to focus on my wife's sexual pleasure exclusively.  I've learned to yearn for the constant state of arousal that exists after she has been pleasured to her satisfaction.  We've never had a better sex life

Posted : 19/08/2020 8:22 am
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