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Our Anniversary Is Coming Up  

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Our 21st Anniversary is coming up the last week of October.  We have been together for 23 years and married for 21 years (coming up).  Every 5th anniversary, we renew our wedding vows in a small, private ceremony with just Ms. K, myself and an Officiant. 

On our 15th anniversary, we used the occasion to make our WLM "official" by exchanging vows specific to our lifestyle, and our dedication to each other.  It was an amazing experience that I highly recommend. We spent months looking for an Officiant that wasn't judgmental and was open to our chosen lifestyle.  After contacting her, she wanted to meet in person.  I guess to make sure we weren't axe murderers or something.  We had a nice 90 minute visit at a Starbucks.  She stated up front that she was completely open minded to anything we wanted to do, but she would not be involved in any sex in any fashion.  Ms. K and I were caught off guard because that was never anything we even remotely wanted.  After a chuckle shared by everyone, we shared some info about our marriage and lifestyle and we were good to go.  She gave us an assignment of individually and independently writing our proposed vows and sending them to her.  If they were in sync, she'd agree to perform the ceremony.  If they weren't, she suggested we meet with her again so she could point out where we were askew.  We were in sync.  Whew !   We rented a ridiculously expensive hotel "mansion suite" for the weekend and had our private ceremony right there in the foyer.  When she said "you may collar your husband" and then you may kiss the feet of your Mistress Wife, we were thrilled.  It was very romantic and very emotional (in a good way) for both of us.  It was a night to remember for the ages.

Anyway, I digress.  I wrote this in the hopes of getting some ideas from you wonderful people about what I may get and/or do for Her this anniversary.  We are getting a expensive suite in a hideaway resort in Arizona and i want it to be super memorable for both of us, but in particular for Her.  I appreciate your consideration.  Thank you in advance.

Posted : 05/10/2020 3:10 pm
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