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Chastity Jokes

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I love chastity jokes. I think that they are hot, funny, and could help spread the word of chastity.

The third item in that list would be nice, but what I really want is the funny hot combo.


Here's one from an online chastity game 


I've given her a pearl necklace a few times and her tits are to die for, but her legs are screwed tight"

"A pearl necklace?"

"When a guy ejaculates on the tits of... listen, it's something a guy in chastity will probably never get to do, don't sweat about it."



Here's one from me

"You come over sometime. Oh sorry, I know that cumming is a sensitive issue for you. You should blue ball over sometime."


I'll try and post any more that I come up with. 

I would love to hear any chastity jokes that you have. 

Topic starter Posted : 19/07/2021 7:19 pm
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It has occurred to me that the title and my intro statement are completely wrong.

My examples are mocking and not joking. These aren't jokes, they are teasing someone in chastity.


Ya, I messed up on this one.

If you want to respond, you can go with either premise. 

Or you can mercifully ignore this topic, and let it slowly fade from memory. 

Topic starter Posted : 22/07/2021 1:59 am
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@wayland Lol

Posted : 22/07/2021 6:37 am