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How big of a problem is his masturbation?

Many girlfriends and wives know that their man masturbates but they may not know the extent of the problem. Once or twice a week, what’s the big deal? The problem is the hormonal impact of his masturbation on the quality of your relationship.

I found a free app that I’d invite all of you to try. Ask you partner to create a masturbation habit within the app and share it with you. Ask him to honestly report any time he masturbates. No fudging or skipping a time.

The app allows you to view exactly how big of a problem his masturbation is. When you feel connected, look at the last time he masturbated. When you feel disconnected, look at the last time he masturbated. I imagine that you will see some patterns related to his self pleasure. Kevin and I both downloaded the app but with him locked, it isn’t very useful for this purpose.

Give it a try and see what you think. This app doesn’t sponsor the site in any way, I just wanted to share it with you all. Enjoy and let me know how honest he actually is!

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I’d love to see reports from other un-caged guys who are on the forum.

The results would probably be quite biased, seeing as they are coming from people who are interested in chastity.

I think it would be fun. There could be titles given to the guy who jerked off the most, least, longest streak, consistently on weekends, and others.

It’s kinda like data exhibitionism.

I also think that most people on here would be interested to see the results.


We just got the app… will report progress. One observation, it apparently, I may not have explored all the options, only allows you to report one success, failure per day per category, although there is a comment option, so I guess, you could say, I failed/or did something 1, 2, x numbers of times today.


If you think porn and masturbation isn’t a problem, don’t kid yourself. Ask him to use the app honestly and share it with you. I think you will be surprised at how much he tugs on his little guy when you aren’t around.


I don’t have a mobile phone but I don’t need an app to tell me whether or not I masturbate too much ‘cos I already know the answer. However, whether or not it’s a problem has yet to be determined – perhaps I need to buy a phone.