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Key in Public  



Along similar lines to the question about showing their cage in public, what are key holders views on displaying the key?

I usually wear mine on a necklace and sometimes on an anklet, but I have to confess that I usually tuck it out of sight when I'm in public unless the top I'm wearing doesn't allow this.

I've only ever actually been asked once about it and that was when I was having some treatment at the osteopath and I admit that I mumbled that it signified the key to my husbands heart. It was early on in our chastity days and I was caught off guard, but I'm not sure that I'd do anything differently now to be honest.

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I have to admit, I am wearing a key almost all of the time. Most of them aren't kev's key but just some random key. For our last anniversary he bought me a beautiful key from a company called the giving keys. It is a silver key and says love. Really cute and it is the one that I wear most of the time. Since it isn't an identifiable key and has a cutesy word on it, it probably draws less attention than a recognizable cage key. The reason I wear it is for Kevin as a reminder of my love for him regardless of him being locked or not.


I very rarely wear the actual key, although I do sometimes put one of the two on my keyring for my own titillation! But, we have a LOT of key necklaces, and bangles etc. They've become something of a favourite lol We have a cute key and lock split keychain that we both have half off (key with me of course 😛 )

I've had a supermarket cashier just say 'nice key' knowingly. But if a friend has asked iI too tend to opt out to the 'key to my heart' line, although in my head it's all 'Haven't you heard of male chastity? I keep hubby's cock locked in a cage. You should try.' It's so much easier to be brave on the blog!

I have seen one other woman wear one though. Like a definite chastity cage key, I so wanted to say something to her but didn't get the chance.