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Hi, I am a male, mid-40s, husband to a beautiful and confident woman for over 20 years. She picked me up when we first met. I am practicing chastity on the honour system and enjoying the feelings of intense arousal and desire to please her. As other men have said, it’s a feeling like I had when we were dating.

She is not playing the part of “keyholder” as there is no locking device and she is not yet wanting to enforce the chastity. But she does like the changes in me and encourages me to stay chaste.

I used to go through orgasms so often that they became ordinary. Now I cherish each one. I used to spend so much of my energy into a tissue three or four times a week. Our marriage was fine but I would become moody and would sometimes speak unkindly to my wife. I never realized how much damage I was doing.

I am enjoying this site, especially with all the recent energy and activity.

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Thanks Midlife!


Posted : 17/08/2020 8:21 pm