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So I am married ( next week 9 years) and have a beautiful daughter, and I love my life, but I am and was always interested in powerful and taking charge women, so the more I read about the subject I think I would really love to evolve and explore my relationship with my wife to a FLR relationship. I have not talked to her about this yet.

So any thoughts, tips to get this conversation started or tips in general about how to convince her to such a lifestyle switch would be really appreciated.

Also I would like to apologise before hand if I make English mistakes because this is not my native language.

Will start to read this blog and forum to get all the information I can get out of this, hopefully 

Topic starter Posted : 05/05/2021 12:38 pm
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Posted by: @henk

So any thoughts, tips to get this conversation started or tips in general about how to convince her to such a lifestyle switch would be really appreciated.

Hi henk, and welcome to the party.

There is all kinds of advice, much of which you can get by perusing the pages of this blog.  For me, my initial motivation was to help ensure life-long happiness for my wife, and in turn for my marriage.  I did the and do now adore my wife.  My motivation began with wanting to be able provide, as much as I could, a blissful life for her in all aspects of her life.  Not just sexually and not just exclusively in our marriage, but in her very existence.

I figured out early in my contemplation that I needed to be sure that I didn't want a Wife Led Marriage for the kinks but rather to truly provide her with joy and bliss in her life.  I knew early on that if my motivation was to get her to spank me, peg me, or other kinky stuff, then it would be work for her.  She had to understand and believe that her life as a Dominant Wife in a beautiful, loving marriage was something that would get her there.

It took a few years before she could finally feel comfortable in her leadership role.  Once she was able to shed fear of being a bitch, or fear that perhaps I wasn't satisfied being her submissive ... and once she was able to fully understand that service to her is my sole source of pleasure, our WLM took off and we haven't looked back since.

Good luck to you and I hope to see you around here.


Posted : 05/05/2021 12:52 pm
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Start by talking with her. With no expectations on your part.

Try to make it a game. Maybe for an evening. Or a weekend.

Look, it's something for the two of you. That means that both of you need to want it. Ask yourself, what would _she_ want? Then ask her the same thing 😉

Posted : 07/05/2021 3:37 pm
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Yes, show her what she stands to gain by doing things (and stopping doing other things) that make her happier. A little here, a little there, if it's easier - start to work on yourself gradually.

My experience is that I needed to think a lot about how best to work myself, what holds me back from making my partner happy, before hand. It just helps, if you're used to a different way of doing things. What do you offer, what things can you do to make everyday life more pleasant for your wife? What do you struggle with, what gets in the way of service, of connection, do you think? (You don't have to answer this here)

And gradually talk more towards the subject of FLR with your wife.

What do you specifically want to change in your relationship? Why? Is it the excitement, or more of an emotional balance you're seeking, or both? What do you think of pegging, chastity, increased housework? 

Posted : 08/05/2021 12:07 am