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Guest room please

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You were working late, the last one in the office, as usual. I had been sending you messages on and off, some flirty, some boring, just a normal monotonous day.  I decided I wanted to spice your day up, you know because I am spicy like that 😉
I made a surprise visit to the office, and I invited a friend, but he wasn't arriving until later.  I brought you your favorite, pizza and a bottle of wine.. wine brings out the makes me burp! After we finished eating you thought I was leaving. Nope, I locked the door and started to strip for you. You were quite surprised, in a good way. You did offer up some hesitation, but it wasn't too hard to convince you once you saw the naughty outfit I had on under my dress. Let me describe it...A gorgeous lacy black bra, holding my tits up, and super sexy black lacy boy shorts making my ass look sexy. I had just bought it, especially as my surprise to spice it up. 
The wine had kicked in a bit, so I did a little dance where I was shaking my ass for you. I turned around and walked closer, leaned in for a kiss and started grinding on your dick. I felt you getting hard in your cage. Kissing and touching, there was no going back now. I knew you wanted it. 
A knock on the door, you quickly gathered your self and answered. There he was, by boyfriend, you knew I always thought he was sexy, but he was off the market. His wife traveled frequently to see her family and he would text me because he needed some relief. He saw how nearly naked I was and immediately joined in the fun. Slowly dropping his jeans to reveal his very healthy and nicely shaped cock. You locked the door and joined in. He and I started kissing and you both played with my tits. Your eyes were wide open and your pants fell off revealing your steel cage. I dropped to my knees kissing your thighs and cupping your balls in my hand. I asked if if I could give him a blow job... You quickly and enthusiastically said yes. Wanting to know if I could please him like I can please you... when you are unlocked. 
I began teasing myself as I sucked him with my eyes locked on yours. You were definitely enjoying yourself. I loved watching you as I pleasured him. It was my turn though, I wanted you to taste him from my mouth. I kissed you. You smiled and kissed me back. Deeply. Finally got you to moan, god I love when you moan. Not only was your cage throbbing but it was dripping something fierce!
I positioned myself in your work chair and said, come fuck me. You looked at me knowing that the go-ahead wasn't intended for you... you shyly stepped back while my boyfriend stepped forward. So hot! He entered me and I was loud, too loud. You reminded me to keep it down a bit, we were in your office after all. He was enjoying you, and I begged for his cock. I needed so badly to be fucked. His wife doesn't leave town nearly often enough. He quickly stood up. Grabbed me and went to town. Started out slow, sped up and just pounded my pussy until he came inside me. I felt him explode, which you loved. It felt so good and you could tell I was so close! You leaned over and tentatively rubbed my clit. I moaned and nodded my head from side to side as if to say no. You leaned down and licked my nipples while gently rubbign my clit in a clockwise motion. I moaned but said nuh-uh. My boyfriend looking on in anticipation, I said between my legs. You knelt between my legs and gently lapped at my clit. I placed my hands at the back of your head and pulled you into me. Your face now covered in both of our juices, you got the hint and I quickly came, wrapping my legs around your head as my body quivered. I relaxed, and excused myself to go home. 
My boyfriend looked over at you and said, god she is so hot as he gathered his things and exited a few moments after me. You followed about 20 minutes later after cleaning up the mess from our pizza and beer. When you got home, there was a note taped to the bedroom door that said guest room please.
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