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Life with a friend

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I am really enjoying having a friend to tease and play with my husband. The longer my friend stays with us, the more comfortable I am with our situation. I now trust her entirely even when I’m not there that she won’t let my husband cum recklessly. I can’t tell you how sexy it is when she sends me out of the house for an hour or so, and when I get back, my poor husband is a horny mess with a whole puddle of precum collected and waiting for me lick. While I’m out waiting, just imagining all the things she’s doing to tease him for me makes me my own horny mess, and I can’t stop looking at the clock for the time to pass so I can go back home and get mine. Sometimes it’s her that gives it to me, and sometimes she has my husband do it… but lately my favorite is scissoring with her, because I’m a mess just imagining what she has been doing, and she’s a mess from the doing, and when we mash those two molten-hot bodies together it’s catastrophic. My favorite is when my friend and I cum together. That’s the most fun.

That, and she’s also become quite a task master to make sure I cum at least once every day. I’m no longer allowed to just be lazy and skip a cum-day once in a while, even though she allows herself a break from sex now and then. The day is not over until I’ve had my cum, like a daily vitamin of pleasure that I have to take, whether I want it or not. Even if I wasn’t originally in the mood to cum, I’m always glad I did. Who regrets an orgasm? If I’m taking a long time to cum, she will leave my husband to make sure I do, and won’t let my husband give up until I give it in and cum for her, one way or another. The irony is, though, if I’m really wanting to cum, and she can tell that I’m dying to, she’ll often make ME wait for it now. She has turned the teasing tables on me some, and will tell my husband to stop, or slow down, or do something different and less titillating. Sometimes I will have to wait until later, and I have to bide my time with wet thighs and trembling fingers.

Let me share one great example, I was mentally already ready for sex on a day she had planned pampering for the two of us at a spa. But before we left, I enjoyed watching her tease my husband into a frenzy, and then she released him on my charged up body until I was in a frenzy too without letting either of us cum. Then she locked my husband back into chastity and we (us two girls) went to the spa. Among all the relaxing things we did, we got massages from the two hottest masseurs we knew of. And before they came back in, my friend petted me back to my breaking point without letting me cum. She then had me lay down on my back for my massage without a towel. I was a complete wreck laying there feeling so naked on the table with rock hard nipples and knowing I had obvious wetness running from my thighs. I can only imagine what that man thought of me as he kept his composure and totally ignored my blatant randiness. Randiness is the best description for it, because I wanted to cum so badly by that point, but I knew he wasn’t going to be the one to let me have it. The first thing he did was drape my nakedness with a hot dry towel. Such a professional. I had to endure the relaxation and caress of the man’s massage for the hour before I would even have a hope of attending to the ache in my thighs. Once we were alone, she had me kneel and lick her sex until she came, and then when she was done, she told me to get dressed. She told me I would have to wait for mine. But then, as I was buttoning my clothes, the passion over took her, because she grabbed me roughly from behind and rubbed hard and vigorous on my clitoris until I came, jelly in her arms. Then she told me to finish getting dressed, it was time to go.

My saving grace is that I know, at some point, she’s always eventually going to let me cum. That’s still what sets my husband and I apart. We may both be trembling and desperate for that euphoria, but for him, his blue balls will only continue to ache long after I’m asleep in restful bliss. I love that, and he loves that. I don’t know who is enjoying our situation more, him or me.

After we presumed my friend had fallen asleep, my husband and I lay that night talking about how our spa day went, he confessed that he could only imagine how amazing that must have felt for me, and I confessed it was. And then he wondered out loud how long he would have to wait until she let him cum too, and I whispered, “I don’t know.” I asked him if he wanted me to tease him some more this night, and he said he did, but he didn’t. He was loving his euphoric denial so much, but at the same time it was such blissful torture to endure the erotic affection not knowing when his next release would be. I promised I would tease him just a little bit more, through his chastity that my friend had locked on his cock. We kissed passionately while I tugged and rolled his chastity and balls around for a while. I then fell asleep content, knowing my husband was still wide awake, writhing and desperate for a cum without knowing when that cum may be.

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My goodness.....what a sexy way to be cucked. Thanks for sharing 

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