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Mountain Retreat

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Martin and Kimberly hopped into their family SUV, finally getting a weekend away from the kids. They had been planning this getaway for weeks and almost had to cancel at the last moment due to an urgent call that Kim received as they were pulling out of the driveway. Thankfully Kim was able to put the client's concerns to rest and they were both appreciative that they would be able to spend the weekend together, reconnecting.

As they drove up the winding mountain road, they talked about how much they needed to get away and distance themselves from the mindless drivel of their day to day. They both had busy jobs and needed to spend time together and reconnect. When they got married, Martin had promised Kim that he would get away at least twice a year but the last year or two had been rough and Kim's new job made getaways challenging.

They rounded the corner and pulled into the hotel they had booked for the weekend. It was nothing special but it was located walking distance from a few cute shops and restaurants so they likely wouldn't have to drive much. Martin pulled in to the porte-cochere and left the car running while he went inside the lobby to check in. The lobby was rustic but clean and neat. The young lady greeted him and checked him into the hotel, gave him two keys and showed him where to park on a photocopied paper map. Martin took his keys and went back out to the car. They parked, unloaded their bags and sat on the bed breathing a sigh of relief. Vacation.

After a few minutes of decompressing they got restless and although it was too early for dinner, decided to get some food at the small bar/grill that was located beside the building. Kim led the way down the stairs, they circled the pool and spa as they exited the hotel grounds. Kim had a skip in her step and seemed overly anxious to get the vacation started. They got to the bar and grill after only a few minutes walk. The dining room was small with only a few tables which all seemed to be full. The hostess said the larger bar area was open seating so they proceeded in that direction. Once they got into the bar area, they sat at one of several high top tables and surveyed the room. There was a long bar along the right side of the room with a partially balding, overweight bartender behind the bar. He looked like something between a biker and a senior citizen but he smiled and greeted them as they took off their coats and sat down.

The bartender walked over and introduced himself and made some forced small talk before taking their orders. Kim ordered first and had a burger with a long island ice tea, her favorite drink when she needed to let her hair down and relax. Martin also got a burger and his typical, a bud light. The drinks came and they both loosened up, as if remembering how to have fun. Alcohol has a way of loosening people up, even middle age married parents who were intent to escape their kids even if just for a few days. A few short minutes later, the bartender came back over, having noticed that Kim's drink was nearly empty. She laughed and said something about having a hole in the bottom of it. The bartender brought a fresh drink over and apologized about the kitchen being short staffed and slow. 

Martin stood up and motioned for Kim to play a game of pool with him at the billiard table in front of their high top table. Kim want much of a pool player and really didn't want to play tonight but decided to compromise, spotting a set of cornhole boards along the wall. They picked up the beanbags and took turns tossing from across the room. Kim had a bit of a wild hand normally but the stiff drinks had calmed her arm and her aim was on fire tonight. She was making no secret of her impeccable aim, her cheering and volume was higher than a more sober Kim's volume would have been. Martin liked seeing her like this. Relaxing. Having a good time. She worked hard and was a wonderful mother, he thought to himself. She deserves to have fun. Martin stared at the tv blankly, thinking about how thankful he truly was to have her in his life. His blank gaze was interrupted by a gruff voice that said I'll play winner. He looked over and saw a man in his mid to late twenties who had walked over from the bar and wanted a piece of the action. 

Martin smiled, laughed and explained how badly he was being beaten. The stranger had seen from across the room and had certainly hear Kim's celebrations as each of her well placed bags slipped through the wooden hole. He had even seen her victory dance when she got two in a row. Martin said that he didn't even have a chance so he called the game early, handed the bags to the stranger and stepped over to his bride's side of the room. A couple bags flew from Kim's side, a couple from the stranger's side. After two games, it became clear that they were pretty evenly matched. The bartender, dropped their burgers at the table and Martin walked over to get another beer and a refill of Kim's beverage. He stood at the high top table, partly watching the beanbags fly from one end of the room to the other and partly eating his burger. The burger was dry but otherwise decent, he thought to himself. 

The stranger saw that their food was ready and said that they better eat before their burgers get cold. He introduced himself as Randy and thanked them both for letting him join in their game.  Martin laughed and said that he was doing pretty poorly so he was glad that Randy was there to take some of the pressure off him. Kim took a bit of the burger and feeling competitive, she said oh no you don't, with her mouth full.  She wanted a rematch, she put her hand on Randy's shoulder and motioned him back over to the beanbags. He laughed and said ok if you insist. A couple more games and Kim's good luck streak had worn off but they were smiling and having a good time. Kim had touched Randy a couple more times and Martin had almost forgotten that she gets touchy when she drinks. It had been too long since they had spent time together in any meaningful way.

A few minutes later, they were all sitting around the high top table. Kim had bought Randy a drink and they were learning about each other. Randy was a local, a tour guide for the summer. They got some inside scoop on the area and talked for a few minutes longer before the bartender came over and asked if they wanted another round. Martin saw that his wife was a bit tipsy so he told the bartender to close out the tab, it was getting late. He looked at his watch and realized they had been there for nearly three hours. Time flies when you have a good buzz and you are throwing beanbags, he thought to himself.

As the bartender came back with the cheque, Randy snatched it up before either of them could look at it and offered to pay their tab. After some back and forth between Martin and Randy, Martin agreed to leave the tip and Randy paid the bill. They both thanked him, surprised by the gesture. As the got outside, they were still making smalltalk but it was cold. The mountain air was colder than they were accustomed to. Randy was used to the cold but they couldn't even concentrate because despite having jackets, they were no match for the cold breeze. Kim asked Randy if he wanted to come hang out next door at their hotel. Martin did a double take and Randy said well if its ok with Martin, sure. 

The three of them walked back to the hotel, it wasn't much of a walk, a couple blocks really. Randy and Kim were walking and talking with Martin just a step or two behind them. As they walked past the pool and hot tub, Kim saw the fire pit out in front of the hotel but there was no fire in it. She had hoped they could sit beside the fire and chat for a while but it was too cold without the fire to keep them warm. She said well, I guess let's go upstairs then. The two men followed her upstairs to the hotel room, entering the room behind her.

Martin was starting to get the feeling that something was amiss but really enjoyed this flirty and fun side of Kim so he decided to see how far she would let things go. The table had two chairs, and the boys sat in the two chairs as Kim turned the tv on and flipped through some channels. Eventually she saw nothing she was interested in and turned the tv off. She walked back over to the boys and sat on Martin's lap. He wasn't expecting her to sit and it caught him somewhat off guard. She laughed and asked if he was hard? Martin got red in the face and denied it. She felt his crotch again and asked him once more. Martin replied that he might have been a little bit hard. Kim giggled and asked what was making him hard? Martin didn't respond right away. She got off his lap and went over to Randy and sat on his lap, being careful to grind herself into his lap and ensure that Martin saw it. You could almost hear Randy's smile as this beautiful middle aged woman gave him a lapdance directly in front of her husband. Kim asked Martin what he thought about it. Martin shyly replied that he liked it.

Kim looked at Randy and asked if he liked it. Randy smiled and said that he absolutely was enjoying himself. She was too and she really enjoyed seeing the look on Martin's face as she enjoyed herself. She dropped to her knees and started to unzip Randy's pants. Randy looked directly at Martin and asked are you sure? Martin nodded and both men watched as Randy's penis exited the front of his pants and entered Kim's lips. Kim had always enjoyed giving oral sex but she especially enjoyed giving it to this new man. She had now grasped his cock with both hands and was working the tip like a mushroom headed lollipop. She motioned for Randy to stand and he did, his jeans dropped to the floor as he did. His cock sticking straight out in front of him. She giggled. Standing up, walking over to Martin and giving him a wet kiss on the lips. She giggled and sat back on the bed behind her, cinching her skirt up as she moved back on to the bed. Randy took this as an invitation and buried his face between her legs. 

After several minutes, Martin stood up and started unbuttoning his pants as well. Kim looked at him intently quietly said... sit. He did, watching as this man went to town on his wife, eating her pussy with vigor an enthusiasm. She motioned him up toward her and spread her pussy with her hands, making it very clear that she wanted him in side of her. His cock looked larger now than it did when he was sitting and she knew it was bigger than Martin's. She invited him in with the words fuck me. He wasted no time and slid his member into her. Both of them gasped as he entered Kim's pussy. She looked directly at Martin as the man slid himself in and out of her tight married pussy. It felt so good. Her eyes rolled back as he thrusted again and again. Each time her eyes rolled back, they met Martin's gaze when they refocused. Martin had taken his dick out of his pants and was stroking furiously now. 

Kim was now on her fourth orgasm and Randy was getting closer, his moans made it apparent that he was ready to finish and Kim said IN me, instructing him on what to do with his load. He groaned and thrusted into her as he emptied himself in between her spread legs. Martin watched intently as his wife was taken by another man, his own cock harder than any time he could recall. He looked at Kim, her smile now turning impatient. She said your turn and got on her knees with a little wiggle of her tooshie in his direction. Martin wasted no time in dropping his pants and getting into position behind her. His hands on her hips as she pushed herself back into him. She could feel a difference between the first man and the man she knew well. Her own body was more tender from taking her second man of the night. Martin was beyond aroused, he knew he wouldn't last long. After only a few minutes, he pulled her hips toward his body and emptied inside of Kim. 

Kim smiled at both men. Then she locked eyes with Martin and looked between her legs and said those words he knew were coming. He both dreaded those words and hoped that he would hear them at the same time. Clean me, she said. Randy looked intently from across the room as Martin's face went between Kim's legs and she experienced  her fifth orgasm of the evening as he went straight for her ultra-sensitive clit. After her body finished shuddering from her orgasm, she realized that he had gone for the clit instead of the messy area beneath. she put her hands on the back of his head, behind his ears and brought her pelvis up to meet his face with the warmth of the loads that she had within her body. He knew what she was doing, she had done this with his own cum numerous times. She liked the control, it turned her on. She thrived on it and he knew it. 

All three of them laid on the bed and smiled at each other. This had been fun. Kim looked over at Randy with hopeful eyes and asked can you spend the night? Randy said he would and they all crawled into the king size bed, with Kim neatly sandwiched between the two men. Kim's bare bottom pushed up against Randy's cock. Ready for round two - the very moment that he was.

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Nice story! Very hot, very relatable. 

Posted : 10/02/2021 5:45 am
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Sexy story, thank you for posting. I particularly like the attention to detail during the build up, really setting the scene and building the tension while we get to know the characters.

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