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Masturbation Is Cheating

My mother told her that the way to a man’s heart it through his stomach. To some extent, she was right. Men love affection, attention, appreciation and respect. Cooking for your man shows all of these things – serving by providing.

How would you feel if you spent hours slaving over the stove and your man stopped for a quick burger on the way home? He may still eat your meal but doesn’t crave or enjoy it like he would if he had skipped his little stop at the drive through on the way home.

Masturbation is like that stop to the drive through. In today’s age we all work either around the house or both have careers so the meal isn’t always the primary way that we show the affection. Much of the affection and attention has fallen into the bedroom. Just as a home cooked meal provides a chemical response in your body, physical attention and orgasms do the same for all of us. Masturbation takes the sexual energy and hormonal affection away from your relationship and casts it into the tissue that he uses to clean himself.

While female orgasm is usually reinforced by a bonded pair, male orgasm is absolutely key to creating a strong pair bond in couples. In men the cause of hormonal pair bonding is the orgasm and sexual release. In women the effect of hormonal pair bonding is the desire for sexual release and pair bonding. While we are all different, this seems to be a trait that is generally true among nearly all men and women.

When he chooses to masturbate, it is a slap in the face to the woman since he is withholding the emotional and hormonal response from her. You will notice apathy, resent and even depression in men that are addicted to frequent masturbation habits. Couples who decide to be in a long term relationship open up and share finances, past stories, future dreams and physical releases. Real sex or mutual masturbation is a key part of the sharing of that couple to reinforce their intimacy.

Every sex therapy book that I’ve read stresses the importance of sharing that orgasmic connection with your man. Some of the most famous books such as “The Male Sexuality” by Bernie Zilbergeld and “For Each Other” by Lonnie Barbach are fantastic reading if you are looking for scientific backup for the shared male orgasm.

If you are a man and you are reading this, I implore you to sit down with your significant other and explain your masturbation habits to him or her. Ask that he or she be a key part of your sexual releases. Daily masturbation habits are very difficult to control but with the help of a loving partner, semen retention is a fantastic way to harness his sexual energy and bring the two of you closer together.

When he is retaining you should expect:

  • Him to hold your hand when you go out.
  • His soft kisses on the neck and lips.
  • Gentle holding and touching.
  • An attitude of sharing and emotional connection.
  • For him to show his genuine desire and affection.
  • Acceptance that you control his releases.
  • Submission to your authority.

Once the above is established, a release schedule can be built. If he adheres to the above, you can stick to a consistent release schedule. If you notice that he deviates from the above, adjust the frequency of his releases accordingly. Your ejaculation schedule will always be adapt, change and will ebb and flow just like your relationship.

Read more on this site and give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

5 thoughts on “Masturbation Is Cheating

  1. Fantastic analogy with the quick burger stops, your article is so true. I would add that not all women are into cooking and therefore some men find burgers as a mean of survival. There was a time when my wife would want me to masturbate (without directly telling me) so she can offload the burden of sex and we reduced our sex frequency. Now, with chastity there is no hidden messages.

  2. Emma,

    I would love to hear your thoughts on male masturbation without orgasm. My wife controls my orgasms and has trained me to only cum with her permission. However, I’ve found that breaking from masturbation completely a much much harder challenge. I think we’d all agree it’s not as bad a cumming while spanking off, but is it still detrimental? Do you and other women still view it as cheating?

    1. I encourage Kevin to enjoy porn and his body with the exception of ejaculation. Some religious women do find porn degrading and morally wrong but I don’t share those feelings. Enjoy your porn, send porn to each other. Share your fantasies and porn together. Kevin and I both find those erotic caption images sexy and although most are rooted in fantasy, we share those throughout the day.

      The more food you dangle in front of the man’s face, the hungrier he will get.

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