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Male Chastity Day 2020

It is like a combination of Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas all in one. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to try something new to rekindle things or dust off the cage and bring chastity back into your relationship. There has never been an easier way to get loads of extra attention and affection from your guy!

Take the chastity day challenge and keep locked and loved for a week or all the way to Valentine’s Day!

Male Chastity Day

I really enjoy these little caption images so I threw some of my favorites together. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Male Chastity Day 2020

  1. How is Kevin doing? I think I remember you commenting he had a real struggle with locktober, so I’m curious.
    My wife had me do locktober and is keeping me locked from Chastity Day until Valentine’s day too. She even used the Holy Trainer website to send me an invitation, despite me already being locked at the time she sent it.

    1. He is doing quite well. We are trying a new cage this time around and he is finding it quite comfortable. We will be doing an update about it soon. The first two weeks are always the worst, with lots of whining, neediness etc. I feel like we are getting through it, though!

      I just commented about how well he was doing on Sunday. That was shortly after he finished vacuuming the whole apartment…

      Oh chastity, how I enjoy thee

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