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The Male Orgasm is a Finite Resource

The male orgasm is interesting when I compare it to my own. I can have seven or eight orgasms before I simply feel too exhausted (and sore) to go on. Despite that, my arousal stays generally the same during and after each orgasm even increasing from one to the next. On the male side, the… Continue reading The Male Orgasm is a Finite Resource

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Copulins or “Vagina Magic”

What the heck are copulins? I came across them when doing some research about pheromones. For some reason, the word copulins makes the think of little green men or minions but they are very different. In contrast to my mental image, copulins are chemicals secreted from the vagina. Chemically they are complicated secretions with aliphatic… Continue reading Copulins or “Vagina Magic”

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Ejaculation Training

There are quite a few medical conditions relating to male ejaculation; Premature Ejacultation, Inhibited Ejaculation and Retarded Ejaculation are just a few. Interestingly enough, every single one of them lists the number one cause of the condition as mental. Many of them suggest psychologists to get to underlying root causes or past emotional trauma. Several… Continue reading Ejaculation Training

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Delayed Ejaculation

This post is about understanding and treating ejaculatory disability/retarded ejaculation by conditioning the penis and male body to regain the ability to orgasm through sexual intercourse and oral stimulation. I’ve received quite a few emails from men suffering from delayed ejaculation and it seems male chastity may play a significant role in resolving this condition.… Continue reading Delayed Ejaculation