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Emma and Kevin,

Thanks so much for sharing the details of your intimacy. In a way these are questions for you both. Prior to this relationship did either of you think in terms of hard limits in your sexual identity and if so what were your hard limits at or prior to the outset. How have those limits changed Kevin? I think you said you were surprised that you engaged in or permitted pegging and spanking. Was that something that you had considered before meeting Emma and being confronted her desire for this or was it something only first considered in the context of a relationship with her, and one that involved orgasm control, chastity etc? Emma I think that you have indicated here that orgasm control is essential for you and perhaps for many couples. That’s not really a limit as it is a prerequisite. Do you have limits and have they changed? Does it make sense to ask  about a woman’s sexual limits if she is  in charge of the relationship?






Posted : 16/06/2019 5:58 am
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JD - Two parts here.


Kevin said that he certainly didn't see pegging as something he would be interested in doing. We introduced pegging after he had been locked for nearly two weeks and he enthusiastically agreed. Much of this may be due to the heightened hormonal levels at that time. His exact words "I was so horny at that point, I would have almost done anything". I found that to be an interesting choice of words so I asked him directly what his hard limits were and he said that they vary greatly depending on how horny he is.


To some extent, I see sex as a means to an end. I have sexual desires but most of them are just romantic fantasies that I think about in very generic terms when I masturbate. I think of being fucked on the hood of a car on a warm summer night in the rain. I think of being in a hot air balloon far above the city, leaning over the side of the basket while i feel strong hands holding my waist and thrusting inside of me. Many of my fantasies are somewhat submissive which I find interesting. I don't know that I have hard limits but I do know that I would be very apprehensive to trying something that ran any sort of risk of messing up my relationship with Kevin. I am a romantic but maybe in different ways than some. I find chastity to be very romantic and I absolutely love how it brings courtship back to a relationship. 

Posted : 17/06/2019 4:14 pm
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Posted by: Emma

"I find chastity to be very romantic and I absolutely love how it brings courtship back to a relationship."

Women have been using their collective power for generations to affect social change.  Think of the temperance movement.  Or the movement to criminalize prostitution -- which I believe is no longer needed and may have been a big mistake all along, but that's a topic for another blog.  

Couching chastity as a means of improving modern relationships and, as you say, reintroducing courtship into a relationship, is an interesting angle.  It's all about increasing the number of relationship options for modern couples.  If controlling men's sexuality creates better outcomes for couples, then it should be explored.


Posted : 17/06/2019 6:56 pm
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I saw that Kevin mentioned running to blow off steam. I'm curious to hear his perspective on running and doing other very active sports with the cage on - did it take some adjusting? Any tips to make this work?

Posted : 26/05/2020 2:31 pm
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